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James and Brandi...Married!


What a great day with James and Brandi!  The forecast was rain, but you could tell as soon as we saw James and Brandi in the morning for the prep shots that this was going to be a happy day no matter what the weather said.  So as soon as the ceremony ends and we're ready to go outside and do some fantastic photography; it starts to pour.  That didn't keep them or the guests back from a great bubble exit.

cleveland's best wedding photographer

So we ended up shooting the photos in the church and figured we might as well try to head to Cleveland for the cityscape and lakefront shots they originally wanted.  While driving I said to my second-shooter Shaun, "This may be the toughest weather I've ever shot in."  The visibility was bad and it was pouring.  But as soon as we crossed into Cleveland, the clouds opened like the Red Sea and provided us with a wonder photo window.  Here's a preview.

Shaun shoots his own weddings for us and is an incredible photographer.  I was happy to be able to team up with him, so he could just relax and be creative with the camera.  Here are a few of his shots from the day.  This one was an attempt to create an image that shows the serenity and excitement of the day:

This one is pretty much just excitement

And one more candid from the reception that shows how much these two were meant for each otherphotojournalist

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