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Ryan and Miranda...An Out of the Box Engagement Shoot


When Miranda contacted us about shooting her engagement pictures with a request that the shots be "out of the ordinary, unique, etc." I was pretty thrilled.  But "out of the ordinary" can mean a lot of different things to different people.  One person might want pictures knee deep in mud while another might simply want a stunning background in a park.  After I went through out a few slightly unique options without attracting Miranda's attention I thought I would bring up a place I have been dying to shoot at for ages...The County Fair.  Now, one would think that the fair would be an unappealing place to shoot, but Miranda (and Ryan as well after she relayed the news) thought the idea was delightful.  I think it takes a vision, or trust in a vision, to create photos that capture the attention.  After shooting Ryan and Miranda, I am certain that we achieved our goal.


If this first shot was the only one we walked away with - I would have counted it a good day.

This truck was calling out every time I walked past it, "Shoot pictures in front of me!".  So I had to oblige.


The "infra-red" version is catching also.

Nothing like a little Demolition Derby action.

I would be lying if I said shooting on the ferris wheel was easy on the stomach, but the blurry lights make for a great background.

Overlooking the fair at night from a nearby hill..


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jb: The last one is really cool. And the first one is even cooler

sandy obryan: we want more ! we want more ! we want more !!