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Kristen and Ross - Engaged!


My wife, and lovely assistant/"second shooter", and I showed up a bit early to scout out the shooting location before we met with Kristen and Ross.  We were driving around the area where we were meeting in Shaker Heights and stumbled across a spot which caught our eye.  As we walked around we knew it would be the perfect place to shoot some stunning photos.  The only potential catch was that Kristen already informed us that Ross proposed to her at the place where we were meeting.   We didn't want to pull the two of them away from such an important spot.  The fun part came when we met with them and told them about the location we found down the road.  It was the very spot Ross proposed and they were already planning on shooting there.  So I guess Ross has a natural talent for locating beautiful backgrounds for photos.

The background reminds me of a dreamy scene out of a fairytale.



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Kristen: These are great Mat! Thanks so much! ~Kristen

AB: Where

AWB: I figured it out: apostrophes causes this comment board to barf. Sorry for the multiple posts (they really are lovely photos. Congrats Ross and Kristen!) But I want my post to post!
So where is the shot of Ross "playfully" pushing Kristen into the water? You know, "for laughs"? Do not tell me you did not set that up?!

Kristens dad: If he pushed her in the water he would have had to answer to me...