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Kristin and Brandon


Had an amazing outdoor wedding the other day.  Everything was great - Kristin and Brandon were very much in love, the location stunning, the weather terrific, and nothing went awry.


I have been starring at this photo my wife took (and I edited) for some time and I still can't stop diggin' it!

Sun-spots are always nice, but this one is intense. (in a good way I hope).

the one below reminds me of a cherished photo from the 70's.  It is one of my current favorite looks.

The "almost kiss" is delightful>

Although I like the first one the best this is a very close second.  I love the light in the trees. 

[Though the famous photographer Ansel Adams said, "You don't take great pictures, you MAKE them" I must confess that what I enjoy most about my photos has little to do with me as a photographer.  I may have suggested a pose for the bride and groom but I didn't create the passion.  I may have chose to shoot in front of a tree but I didn't sculpt the branches and decorate it with leaves to filter out the sunlight in such a appealing way.  Appreciating beauty is more the job of a photographer (as opposed to creating it).]



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