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Stephanie and Chris Married!!


Hello Friends,

   I've been excited to post these photos all week.  There's so much I could write about this wedding.  The weather is always a consideration in Northeast Ohio fall weddings, but it was really perfect.  The other thing that was perfect was Stephanie's attitude.  I was so happy to come into her parent's house that morning and see her smile.  Even with a 40% chance of rain, she was so excited and so happy; perhaps the happiest bride I've been privileged to photograph.  I hope you can see this in the photos.  Enjoy...

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Ok, that is a lot more photos than I usually blog, but for a girl who counted down her wedding on a calendar for 250 days, I had to take some extra time here.  This really was a great wedding to be a part of.  From the time at the the house getting ready...to the humorous and personal reflections from the priest at he ceremony...To the wonderful speech from Stephanie's father about learning to take joy from the small things in life...to the maid of honor's obvious love for the bride...to the mothers and grandmothers....I truly enjoyed this family and this experience and believe it helped me capture some of my best images.  Congrats Stephanie and Chris.


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Previous Comments

Stephanie and Chris: Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can

joanne: wow. all I can say is WOW

Laura: Pics are beautiful. I am especially impressed by the air I got in the jumping one!

Jeanette: !!! Love them all...absolutely perfect!

Alaina: These are incredible.

Jesse: Laura, I was impressed with your air while I was editing the photo. Highest bridesmaid vertical of the year:)

Laura: Car pic with the shadow is amazing!

Alaina: These are incredible.

Jackie & Mark (brides parents): Thank you Jesse, the pictures are breathtaking and you were a pleasure to have at Stephanie and Chris

Jared and Brynn Born: Thank your for your AMAZING photography. Our album is just breath taking. Everyone we have shared it with has said, this was the most beautiful and creative album they had EVER seen! Thank you all for your hard work. We look forward to working with you in the future!!

-Jared and Brynn Born

Amy: These photos are STUNNING!!! What a beautiful bride and groom and what fantastic photos!!!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Jeff: LOVED the pictures, each one is better than the next. But I too am amazed with the "jump" and I am partial to the car/Steph/Chris photo.