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Alys and Matt - Married!


 Kristin (my wife and talented second shooter) and I had a great shoot the other Saturday.  The day was a bit chilly but we had good light and Matt and Alys were terrific to work with.  We loved the laid-back nature of everyone and we hope they enjoy the pictures.  [Also, Matt's father was from Sicily and runs a bakery.  At the reception we were able to partake in his delectable treats and boy were they amazing.  I have had a few canolies in my life and they were nothing to get excited over, but these were to die for!]

They decided to go with small edible hearts instead of bubbles or rice etc.  and after shaking them out of their clothing for the rest of the evening, I think they would have decided differently if they could turn back time. 

Matt seems to have concluded that "If you cannot beat them - you should eat them" (and no I am not above being cheezy now and again).

Alys and Matt chose the song "All I Want Is You" by Barry Louis Polisar (from the movie Juno) as their first dance song.  It was a choreographed event and it was delightful.  Everyone was entertained and they seemed to have enjoyed it themselves.


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Alys: Thanks Mat and Kristen. The pics look great so far. Can

yohan: Awesome. The last 2 shots, and the first two and the ones in the middle...All good