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Yellowstone National Park


Here is the Old Faithful, the famous geyser of Yellowstone.  It's amazing the crowd that lines up to see this erupt.  Like everything in Yellowstone, it's larger than you expect.  See those black dots in the background.  Those are people.  I decided to go infrared on this shot, because it's the only type of shot that I haven't seen of Old Faithful.  This landmark has probably been photographed more than any other in the U.S., but that's open for debate:)infrared bw of old faithful the geyserHere are 2 more shots from our roadtrip through Yellowstone National Park.  This is The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  It is amazing; so steep and vast that you get that weird feeling in your stomach when you get close to the edge.   grand canyon of yellowstone

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mary: This is a great picture. It made me feel like I was right there on that mountain. I had a pazzle that was from that area, but this pucture is much better. Thanks for sharing it.