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Elizabeth and Cameron...Married! and more


Wow, it has been quite some time since I posted a wedding.  Actually, I was a little burnt out on blogging and shooting until a couple really cool things happened.

One: I got to work with Elizabeth and Cameron.  David and I met Elizabeth at a wedding we shot last fall for Kevin and Jennifer Freeman (two of my all-time favorite clients).  Elizabeth was the maid of honor in their wedding.  She really got both David and myself's attention with her speech (along with the whole room).  Now I've seen a LOT of wedding speeches, so I'm not impressed easily, but when the whole crowd is rolling in laughter you have to give some credit.  David and I told her we loved the speech and what do know... a few months later she calls to book her own wedding with us.  I knew it would be a fun one, but I didn't know that I would be introduced to her Australian husband and his whole Australian entourage.  I'm a big fan of brides with a sense of humor along with an abundance of Australian accents.  So their wedding was great.  I had never shot a Quaker Square in downtown Akron before, but it is a really cool place with great photo opportunities.  It was awesome to spend a day with such a fun couple and always great to see a past client (Jennifer and Kevin) in love and going strong.  So to recap; the first thing to get me motivated to enter this year with a new sense of passion was Elizabeth and Cameron's wedding.

The number Two influence was the last week I spent with Mat and Jim at WPPI in Vegas.  It was my first time attending and it was amazing.  It was funny that on the plane I asked Mat if he really thought we were going to learn anything - with a somewhat presumptuous tone.  I mean I already know all about Aperture and Shutter right?:)  Besides really getting an assault on the right brain with new ideas and info for business, I also unexpectedly got something much more valuable.  I was inspired by people with awesome hearts and a love for people.  You would think we went to some sort of revival conference.  Silvana Frammartino (the best wedding pro in the world:), Jasmine Star, David Jay, Jesh De Rox and many others spoke to my heart and made me realize that what I do is my purpose in life and it can be used to not only document love, but inspire it.  I'll gush more about it later, but for now meet Elizabeth and Cameron...

Quaker Square cleveland oh wedding photographer based in Cleveland

Elizabeth and Cameron had the wonderful idea of riding the train with all their guests from Cleveland to downtown Akron.  The day was beautiful and bright and began at the train.  Many couples are worried to see each other before the ceremony, and I respect that; but from my observations it seems the bride and groom get to spend so much more of the day together enjoying themselves when it is done the way of Cameron and Elizabeth.  

Along with my new-found inspiration, I've decided to develop a set of new photoshop actions to package this year for photographers.  I've been doing this type of thing for a while, but I really am dedicating some serious time to it now, in order to nail the style I'm going for.  Let me know what you think of these two recently developed actions:  

First "Classic But A Little Crazy"

Quaker Square cleveland oh wedding photographer based in Cleveland

Next: "Vintage Romance"

Quaker Square cleveland oh wedding photographer based in Cleveland

Just so you get the idea, here are those 2 shots before I loved them up.

Quaker Square cleveland oh wedding photographer based in Cleveland


And a few more of my faves from the day

cleveland wedding photographersweddings in cleveland and akronwedding photosdestination weddingsquaker square downtown akron weddings

destination weddings photography


Another application of my new action: "Vintage Romance" inspired by Cameron and Elizabeth's awesome styleakron wedding photographers

This one on the left is my favorite of the day.  Feel free to argue with me one that:)

best wedding photographer

cleveland's best wedding photographer

These next 3 photos also have been processed with a new action I've created.  It' called "Better Together" and is basically and contrast/sharpen/saturation bump

married in Akronbubbles in weddingbubble entry

father of bride speech

The whole group with a fisheye from a ladder!the wedding party


Finally, some wonderful first dance moments in my new black and white actions "Bentley BW" and "Cooper BW"bw actionsbw

Congrats Cameron and Elizabeth.  Best wishes in Australia!

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Previous Comments

Nikole Buret: Beautiful photos of a great couple! We had so much fun celebrating your special day! Great memories everyday in the making...Lots of love, Nikole

Mark and Tyler Mayfield: Good luck and best wishes down under. May you both have a blessed and happy life together.

Mark and Tyler Mayfield: Good luck and best wishes down under. May you both have a blessed and happy life together.

Stephen FLoyd: This was great trip and an amazing event, Emma is so sorry she missed it but looking forward to see you both when you get to Oz. Enjoy your trip around the US, and we will see you soon to help carry on the celebration of your beautiful union.
Love from all of the Floyds.

Shaye: Congrats! Beautiful pictures and best of luck to you both.

Mel: Wow awesome photos Cam and Liz, Congratulations what a gorgeous day :)
Mel and clan :) xoxo

Miranda : What an awesome looking wedding!! How unique! Love it!!

Cameron Hartnell: Love the photos - have to keep coming back for another look!

Jennifer: The photos look great!! Really captures the great day!!!

Bill: Wow !!! What great shots. You have doen a great job to capture the day.


Jen Austin: The photos are fantastic - I love the vintage Cam and Elizabeth in front of the train with luggage! My favourite I have to say - all are gorgeous.

Julie Kloss: Super awesome pictures! Liz - you look so sexy, good thing Cam has a ring on your finger!

stacey Pilling: These pics are incredible! You both look ravishing. I miss you both

Susan Martin: Great pics ! What a wonderful event !

Jess Bos: It was a long road getting to it, but your vision came to life beautifully Liz & Cam! Thanks to this awesome photography and good luck!

Nic: These are great, really takes me back to the day, what a great day, so happy for you guys.

Mary: These pics put me right there again. You have capture the moment superbly. Cant wait to see more. Great job!!!! Thank you Jesse.
Es mom

I was waiting for a long time to see the photos and after checking everyday finally saw them. That was different and full of new ideas. Loved them. Toby & Yalda +1

Tammi Fronek: Amazing, these are amazing,beautiful,and unique photos. You captured every special moment of the day. I cant wait to see more. You are a true artist, many blessings in your career.

Jannene Smith: A classic industrial archaelogical kind of day -reminds me of rolling stock days at GML!
My fav was the very first, loved-up Classic but a little Crazy shots.
Congratulations Cameron and all the very best to you and ELizabeth

Kash: Breathless. In complete awe. Elizabeth and Cameron make the perfect canvas for your art work. Not to mention the good looking crowd. Thanks for capturing their perfect day with perfect photos.

William: Congrats again, Elizabeth and Cameron! What a personal wedding--completely you guys. Jen & I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and celebrating with you both.

Nice job on the photography--good use of sepia tones to capture the antiquarian spirit of the day...

Russ: Nice photos and write up about a unique and interesting wedding event. I particularly like the wide angle shot of the group in Wheres Waldoesque style.
Along with super coverage of the bride and groom, the event and its flavor are well captured.

Deborah: Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful wedding pictures ~ what wonderful memories you have given us on your special day. Elizabeth & Cameron ~ may your married life be a canvas of many more beautiful memories. (Hats off to the photographer... this is your purpose in life.)

Cioci: The photographer has captured the radiance of Elizabeths and Camerons love, as well as the refreshing uniqueness of their wedding day.The septia tones, especially the photo with the luggage, really emphasize the beauty of the theme.

Jessica Ryan: Love the pictures of the wedding I am proud of the both of you congratulations you both look famous. I like all the pictures they came out really good.
Love Always Jess

Elizabeth: I remember all of these moments, but dont remember looking so good! Thanks to both Jesse & David for capturing our day. Cant wait to see all the photos.

rita: pictures are absolutely beautifullove rita

Ed : Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the suitcase. Great wedding, great couple, great photographer.

Louise Hartnell: The wedding looked absolutely fabulous, and the photos amazing. I only wish we could have been there to witness it all.
Ian and Louise Hartnell

Will Hartnell: Wow. A very unique wedding - replete with bubbles! Congratulations guys, looks like it was a fantastic day.

These photos are great too!!!