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New Lens Funtime


So at WPPI a few weeks back I saw that B&H was having a really good sale on gear.  I had pretty much resolved to stick with my equipment this year, but I couldn't resist some of the items I've been craving.  Not only did I surprise Nelli with her very own 5D Mark II, I also finally splurged on the tilt-shift.  When the package arrived the other evening, I looked outside at a slowly fading sun.  I then looked back inside at a houseful of kids and Nelli trying to finish a custom wedding dress creation(That's her other really cool creative outlet.  Check out her creations at  agapethreads.com).  I couldn't help but want to use these tools immediately, so we all packed up and headed to the park.  It was already pretty dark by the time we got there and the kids were past happy-picture mood, but I managed to squeeze off a few practice shots with the tilt shift.  Here are the first few test self-portraits:

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We then hopped in together to get a few before rushing the kids to bedtime.

destination wedding photographer Jamaica

destination wedding photos sonoma

Finally, one last shot of my little guy Josiah getting his "bobba" back at home and crashing.

It's definitely going to need some practice to get used to this lens.  I'm going to make sure I'm locked in with it for my next wedding, because I love the effect you can get with it.

Nelli just did a newborn shoot, where we used it a bit again.  Those pics are coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Noelle: SO jealous you got a Tilt Shift! After hearing Silvana speak its made me want one so bad! If youre gonna splurge, get something good right? I also LOVE the welcome home sign your family made for you while you were gone! Cant wait to see the newborn shoot your wife did with the tilt shift. Take care!

Jesse: Hey Noelle, Yes the tilt-shift is very cool and seeing the way Silvana used it definitely helped push me over the edge to finally get it. It does take some practice. Manually focusing is not my strongest skill. Im going to keep practicing because the possibilities are awesome.