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The Bowman Family


Kristin and I shot some people last Friday.  Having a career where you not only get to shoot people, but have them pay you do it is a strange thing.  Lindsay (the mom) is  Kristin's cousin.  They say never do business with family, but whoever said that was wrong.  There is always a danger that being familiar with the subject you are photographing can cause chaos to be unleashed.  However, this shoot could not have went more smoothly.  Lindsay informed us at the get go that her daughter would not smile, and that would not be a big deal for pictures.  Kristin and I on the other hand would not be defeated so easily.  She certainly was a serious little girl, but after Kristin worked a bit of magic (that is, acting the fool behind me while I was shooting), she began to light up.  As you can see in the pics below, she was great.  It went completely smooth and we captured many great smiles for the family to cherish for years to come from this her first birthday.

The one below is my favorite of the day (of the Bowman family - see Judah below).

This last pic, my true favorite of the day, needs an explanation.  It is best to take pics a bit before dark.  After we were shooting, we went over to the Lindsay and Brett's house for a cookout and so our kids could play.  As time went by it got pretty dark.  Right when we were leaving, Judah, my son, and The Bowman's youngest were running full speed in the dark and Judah's mouth lined up right with his cousin's forehead.  If you know Judah you might notice that his upper lip is a bit puffy.  By the morning he had swollen even more and would qualify for a part as the Grinch, or a Who from Whoville.  You can kind of see it forming in the pic below.  He is almost healed from it now, but he might loose his two front baby teeth.  If he does, I will put up a pic for all to see.


Previous Comments

Nelli: If he does loose his teeth... He will be just like Liddy and Joshy. They both got one of their front baby teeth knocked out!