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The Grand Canyon at Sundown


The Grand Canyon is a must-see for every American.  I imagined it to be impressive.  I was amazed by the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, but THE Grand Canyon dwarfs it.  We managed to get there just before sunset.  Unlike many landmarks at State Parks in the East, the Grand Canyon was not roped off or fenced in most areas.  You could freely roam down into a crevice if you wished.  And I did.  I saw a rock bridge that jutted out into the canyon and climbed down and then up.  As I crawled out onto the island mesa I could feel the 330 degrees of straight vertical drop around me.  I thought I had flooded my fear of heights during my days of extreme snowboarding, but this was different.  All I could do was slowly sink to a seated position.  I mustered up some bravery to stand again because I wanted to breath it all in.  It's places like this that really make me feel close to God.  The immensity of this canyon is truly breathtaking.  I wish we would have had a bit more time there, but we did have enough to find a good spot for a few sunset shots.  However, it's also a place that photography cannot do justice to.  I hope to visit again.

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