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Baby Britt


A few years ago, Jesse shot Brian and Jenn's wedding.  This was one of our favorite pictures on Lake Erie.  

We were thrilled when we heard that Jenn was expecting... and they wanted us to do her maternity photos.  

We brought the black backdrop and did several shots of them with both white and black shirts.  These two were our favorites.  I love the emotion that each shot shows.

This is the silhouette shot that we took.  There were about 7 different angles that Jesse took, and he processed them all a little different.  We both had a favorite.  Which led to why can't we both agree on a favorite to blog?!  One is my obvious favorite, and the other is Jesse's obvious favorite.  So, we need your help.  Please vote for your favorite silhouette shot, the golden one on the left, or the bold vibrant one on the right.  We will let you know which one had more votes, and which one was mine and Jesse's in a few days.  :)

We are so excited to meet baby Britt!  Congratulations Brian and Jenn!


Previous Comments

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alissa: I vote for the one to the left. These photos are amazing!

Allison: Thanks for sharing Jenn. I am so happy for the both of you. I just love all of the photos.

Linda : I loved their wedding pictures so much that I had Finest Moments shoot my wedding! I absolutely love their maternity/baby pictures that I cant wait to have you guys take pictures for me once again when I have a baby.

John: Would recommend Finest Moments to all of my friends. Great photos you guys! I like the one on the left.

kelbell: Dont u two look so cute! These pictures are awesome!

Jessica: Love the hands on the belly pics!

Chuck: My vote is for the pic on the left. Love the fall colors.

D: Awesome pictures. The photographer is very creative! I like the one on the left.

Stacey: Cool photos you guys. I like the one on the left for some reason. Both are great though!

Jim: Awesome pictures you guys.

Carrie: You both look so happy:) Cant believe Baby Connor is already here. Your photographer did an awesome job.

Chrys: Hey guys, the pictures sure make us look forward to whats coming! The best is the picture on the right. See you soon!

Jennifer Britt: Jesse and Nelli,
The pictures are awesome! Way to capture the moment. We love working with you guys:)

Carrie Andrews: Love the silhouette picture!! Love the one on the left!!

Sarah Seidletz: Those pictures with the shadows are amazing! I was drawn to the one on the left, first, but I think after many years the one on the right might seem more vibrant. Love all the pics though

Amy : Love them both...but I think I like the golden one on the left. It is bigger and the lighting is so different. Beautiful! Great photography!

Jo: I love the one on the right!! The blue sky looks pretty in the background and I like the shading. Great photos!!

Mark : I like the one on the right best. Cool pics!

Jillian Nobles: These pics turned out amazing! I really like the one on the left because of the coloring, but both are beautiful. It does look more fallish though and with a spring baby, you may like the brighter colored one.

Amy McDermott: Oh, the pics are amazing.... I am so happy you decided to do it! I think I would vote for the one on the left,,,, but they are both excellent!!