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Erin and Tim - A Cleveland Wedding


A little while ago Kristin and I were able to be apart of Erin's (the wonderful bride featured in this blog) sister's wedding day (taking photos of course).  It is pretty common for a family member or friend to see our work from one wedding and ask us to be apart of their special day as well.  The humorous part about this situation is that no one could recognize me from the previous wedding.  I used to sport a pretty huge beard, and now that I am well trimmed it appears that I look a lot different.  All funniness aside, Erin and Tim had a wonderful day.  The weather was nice and toasty (about as hot as I can remember), yet not overwhelming.  Everyone was full of joy.  Even though our entire day was wonderful, the highlight for me was when the groom gave a small speech at the reception.  He wanted to publicly thank God for helping him through some tough times and especially for giving him such a wonderful wife.  This speech did not produce the best photos of the night (they are good though), but it gave everyone there a sense of how much Tim is grateful for his bride.   This was a great thing to be a part of.

Kristin set up this next shot, and I am a big fan!

Tim and Erin love their home town - CLEVELAND!

I do not often get to do night shots, so this was a treat.  At the end of the evening we went out by the water at Window's on the River and were able to catch all the lights of the city skyline.  I am so glad we got to do this.

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Previous Comments

Lisa: Erin,
You look GORGEOUS! I really like the b&w pics. I didnt get a good look at your cake that night...it sure was pretty. I LOVE the Cleveland backdrop night shots!


Erin: Cant wait to see more :)

Herb Pauly: Tim and Erin... what a great day that was! And the best part is having pictures such as these to help remember it well. Great job Mat!!


Tim: Mat, thanks again! You and Kristin were great and a pleasure to work with. Thanks also for the kind words.

Courtney Burns: Erin,
It doesnt seem like it was that long ago that we were sitting at the library complaining about guys instead of studying so Im glad you found a good one!! Your pictures are beautiful! The night shots with the city background are stunning. All I can say is wow! I wish you two lots of happiness!! :)

MOM Snyder: What a wonderful preview! We cant wait to see the rest of them. We especially like the black-and-whites mixed in. The shots with the Cleveland skyline in the background remind me of photos taken of Tims brothers wedding. Thanks for capturing so sensitively the beautiful couple that Tim and Erin are.

Traci : Beautiful Pictures!! The Cleveland skyline pictures are incredible! Congratulations again you guys!!

Mary: A----mazing!

Annmarie Cowin: Your dress is so pretty Erin and you guys make a great couple.
I really loved looking at the pictures.

suzy pate: The nighttime city photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
You both look so happy together! What a great wedding!

Biggy: I love your pictures! Wedding was a blassssst

Leo: These are all great, but I really like the Cleveland skyline pics!

Miranda: I love the night shots! So romantic!

Mom Farrell: Lovely Wedding, very touching, not a dry eye in the house. Cant wait to see more pictures

Katelyn: Great pics! The night ones are awesome. Very creative

Aunt Carol: Erin, the pictures are beautiful. Cant waite to see the rest.Love Ya!

Mary: Soooo happy for you guys!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and we had a blast!!! Congratulations!!

Sheila: Your pictures are sooo beautiful! I love the night shots with the city in the background! I had a wonderful time and am so happy for you two!!


Katie: Erin,
These wedding pics are AWESOME! Looove the Cleveland skyline pics! You look beautiful! Congrats!

NICOLE: Love the pictures!!! You two look great!!!

Tara: What a wonderful day! Love the pictures!

Maggie: I LOVE these pictures! The night shots are my favorite!

Mark: Cool Pictures!

Virginia: Oh little Erin you look so beautiful! I couldnt even tell those were your little hands in some of the cake pictures! ;)

Colleen Frank: Tim and Erin, So happy for you guys!! I love the pictures!! Cant wait to see ALL of them!! :)