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Tim and Jessica - Wedded Bliss


I have been pretty excited about putting this wedding on the blog.  It is not a stretch to say that I love all the weddings we are able to be a part of, but sometimes (from the photography side) things "just click".  Tim and Jessica's wedding was one of those weddings that "just clicked".  The lighting (both in and out) was perfect, the bride was almost literally glowing, the groom was visibly full of thanks, the bridal party was fun to be around, and it quit raining and dried up before we began taking any pictures.  All in all, it was a delight.  I titled this post "Wedded Bliss" partly to be silly, but mainly because I think (as you can see from Jessica's amazing smile in almost every picture) the happiness they share was evident to everyone who was there (and hopefully everyone who views their photos).


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Previous Comments

Wendy: Looks like pictures in a bridal magazine!

Chris and Brandi Moore: Congratulations to you both. The pictures are amazing!

Sophie: Tim & Jess - the pics are great! Jess you look so beauitful! Tim, as always, handsome! You both look so happy and extremly in love in all the pics, your photographer really caught it all!! I cant pick which one is my favorite. Love, Love, Love them!!

Karen: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple - Congratulations! Its good to see how well the father of the bride can clean up :)

Blake Marko: Like I said to Tim and Jess in the lobby right before i left for the Airport headed back to AZ... One of the greatest weddings i have ever attended! Greatest memories were made and to be able to been such a part in it.. Truly touches my heart. That is what lifelong friendships are all about! I love you guys! Im the last to go Tim!!

Truly beautiful Pictures Mat.


Nancy Sage: FINALLY got around to looking at your photos - and Im mad as hornets its too late to look at the other thousand or so tonight. Your photographer(s) really captured the essence of the moment - an extremely fine job. I look forward to seeing you two grow in the happiness that is so evident in each shot. Bravo to Finest Moments!

Miranda: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the bride and groom alone on the dance floor. Jessicas dress looks perfect! What a great picture!

Terri Sage: This wedding was pure joy - a love fest! The pictures are beautiful, as was the bride - who I think needs to be in some bride commercial :) thanks to all who shared this very special day.
P.s. check out the guys serenading the bride and groom

Melissa : WOW! Amazing pictures and a beautiful couple!

Brenda: Jess and Tim... BEAUTIFUL pictures! They are all so good!!! You guys look so happy in every picture!

deb morgan: Jess!! These photos are absolutely amazing!!! Every one is beautiful (of course, when you are the subject of the photo . . . . how could it be anything but beautiful?). I never thought a photograph could have captured how absolutely happy you were that day . . . . but these did. What a day . . . . . . and now you have photographs to support that feeling!

Jessica Ferris: Jessica,
Your wedding looks like the wedding every girl dreams of and your dress is gorgeous!!! You are glowing in every photo. You are so beautiful and the wedding looked wonderful. Looks like everyone had a great time! Wish we could have made it out there.

Carla Piscioneri: Jess & Tim,

Your photos looked amazing! The wedding was beautiful just like you. They did such a great job in taking the pictures and capturing each moment!

Carla P

Amanda Bindel: Awesome wedding pictures! Congrats to the Sages!

Danni: Wow. All These pictures are amazing. The wedding was absolutely gorgerous. Congrats you guys!

Amy: Most beautiful wedding Ive ever been to :) You guys belong in a magazine. Pictures are perfect!!

Robin: These pictures capture all the happiness and beauty radiating from Jess and Tim on their wedding day. My favorite is the one of Jess and Tim walking down the sidewalk with the green building in the background.

What a wonderful day!!

Aprill Brandon: I teared up just looking through them. You guys are awesome. Love the photos.


Jenny Brewton: Great Pictures, Great Wedding, You guys look so happy! We had a great time! Congrats again!

Carleigh Workman: Oh Jess! These pictures are so beautiful! Im sad I couldnt be there. Cant wait to see you next week! Love You!

Lydia Chiro: You look so pretty. I heard wonderful things about the wedding! Congratulations!

Larry : Beautiful in every way. A witness to true joy and happiness. One of those life moments we will always treasure in our hearts. Congratulations you two!

Alicia: Most beautiful wedding ever! And these pictures are incredible!

barbara : the most beautiful wedding that ever was of our first grandaughter.

jennie haldi: amazing pics... I love them all...as amazing the pics were.. the wedding was a blast...