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Kristy and Mike Married.


I once had a professor remark to another professor that I am one who almost bites off more than he can chew.  It might be fair to say that, but I believe the old analogy that just as pressure turns coal into diamonds, so does pressure lead to greater results.  Most wedding photographers do not finish editing all of the wedding pictures within a month of the wedding.  I do not have statistics on this, but I have gathered that it takes a while for most photographers to edit and post a wedding.  At Finest Moments we take all the photographs from the wedding day (from 1,200 to 2,400), delete any unwanted shots, crop them, adjust lighting, and then do touch-ups and creative lighting options.  If we only take two minutes on each shot it will take a minimum of 40 hours.  This is all before we custom design the album from scratch.  The pressure comes in when we give our selves a goal of one week to accomplish this after a wedding.  It usually takes two weeks, but it is faster than the industry standard.  Why do so you ask?  The answer is simple.  Wedding photography is not only our livelihood (which causes us to never sacrifice our quality), but it is also our art.  And, it being our art, it gives us great pleasure to hear of the joy of our clients when they see our pictures so soon after the wedding day.  We know they will have our album to cherish for the rest of their lives, but it is in the time right after the wedding when the honeymoon is not really past that we as photographers are able to share in that joy. 


With that, I give you the wedding of Kristy and Mike.  I hope all who know them are able to relive their great day through these photographs.  And for the wonderful couple, I hope they can experience that day afresh. 



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Kristy: Mat,
I have been checking the blog religiously to see if you posted our pixs. I do not have words enough to say how much I love them!! They look fantastic! Thank you so much!!

Miranda: I love the Father Daughter dance one... really looks like you captured the moment!

Deb: Mat: You captured the day for Kristy and Mike just like you did for Kim and Jeremy. We couldnt be more pleased. Cant wait to see the rest of them. Thanks again, deb

Mike: Mat,
You did an awesome job with the pics (including having to deal with the rain). Thanks again for your help. Great Work!!

Dave: Mat,
Looks like you really did a solid for Mike & Kristy by doing such a fantastic job! Keep up the good work, mate.

Slaz: Mat,
Superb job on all these photos. I am sure Kristy and Mike will treasure and enjoy them each time they view them through the years. Ill be sure to recommend your services to anyone I run across that is seeking an excellent wedding photographer.

Slaz: Mat,
Superb job on all these photos. I am sure Kristy and Mike will treasure and enjoy them each time they view them through the years. Ill be sure to recommend your services to anyone I run across that is seeking an excellent wedding photographer.

Katie: Gorgeous pictures! Totally worth going out in the rain!

Kate: Great photos. Kristy looks magnificent!

Gabrielle: Amazing photos Kristy!!! You look absolutely beautiful!!!

Elizabeth Basel: Kristy&Mike,
Your pictures look absolutely amazing! I love the one in the park when everyone has their umbrellas up! You both look stunning, not to mention insanely happy! Congratulations! I hope your life together is full of love and happiness with nothing but good things to come!

Kim : Wonderful as expected! They are amazing.

Kathryn: you both looked great! Congratulations!!!

kendra kalkeuth: BEAUTIFUL pictures. I especially liked the outdoor shots.
Kristy - you were a lovely bride.
The last of the 4 great Ks to be married!!!


Danijela: What a fun wedding! Kristy looks absolutely stunning!

Diana and Dad: Mat: You did an awesome job capturing my son and daughter-in-laws special day! We loved your creative eye! Looking forward to viewing the rest of the photos. You created a casual but professional atmosphere!

Renee: I love these pictures!! Kristy, you looked so pretty!!

Brenda: This pictures are amazing! You guys did a great job, again! I loved the outside ones! And it was a very fun wedding!

Cecilia: Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful wedding!!

Kristin Flickinger: Beautiful pictures. Congrats, Kristy and Mike!

Cindy: Great job. Really captured their day!!

Jen: You guys look great. What a fun day!

Terri & Mike: Mat,

You did a great job on the pictures. Mike and Kristy will have
wonderful photo memories . Congrats to both of you!!

Terri & Mike

Nicole: Wonderful pictures! You did an amazing job! Congrats, Mike and Kristy!!!!

John: Great photos and awesome wedding!

Mike: Great pics and great wedding!!

Jeremy: One of a Kind! They did an amazing job capturing your day like they captured Kim & Is day.

mike and mom: MIKE AND KRISTY: The photographer really captured your special day. The black and white photos are sharp. Kristy, you look so pretty.Congrats...