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Shani and Roger


I grew up in a small town called Seeley Lake, Montana where boys ride bikes on back woods trails and built forts.  When I was 14, a couple kids moved in behind my house.  There were some woods and a trail between our houses, and before long we were traveling that trail often.  Joel and Shani became good friends.  When I became reconnected with Joel a couple years ago through facebook, he told me Shani was getting married in Portland.  She looked at my work and decided to have me come out and photograph her special day in Portland, Oregon.  I nearly went to college in Portland and really like that city.  I was excited!  I knew it would be a super cool wedding, but I underestimated.  It was a great time!  Shani and Roger were the perfect combination of romance and humor.  We had such a good time together that I think we were two of the last people that left.  Here's a preview of their day...

Roger is an artist with wood.  He made Shani the most amazing wooden bowl that told the story of their relationship.

portland oregon wedding photographer

Here's a bit of the Romance I spoke of...Portland wedding photography

And here's a bit of the humor...

The whole event was at the same location in downtown Portland, so we instantly were drawn to this red wall across the street.

We decided to go outside late at night.  These were two of my favorites by far.  Fortunately we got out of the tracks just in time.  

Thank you Roger and Shani for bringing us to Portland.  It was such an awesome experience.  May your marriage be blessed.  I'm really happy I was able to see you and your family again.

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Christina: So great to finally see the photos! Such a fun day!!!! :)

Nelli: Shani, you were so beautiful! Thank you so much... Roger and Shani for letting us be part of your day.

Miranda: I LOVE the last 2!!! What amazing photos!

Roger Hodge II: Thank You all for being there for us! Jesse and Nelli you two are so awesome! These are amazing! Cant wait to see the rest! Thank you!

Joanne: These photos are absolutely beautiful and bring tears to my eyes! I love you kids!

Sam: I LOVE them!!!!!! you two are tooooooo cute and we were one attractive bridal party!

Yelena Thayer: I love those pictures ,You guys so much fun....

and both look goooooood...I would like to have some picture of you.Hope to see you soon for a dinner.

Love, Travis and Yelena and of course JACOB..

Kristi: Jesse, thank you so much for coming out. It was good to see you again and meet Nelli. What a lucky man you are! Your pictures captured Shani and Rogers personalities so well, and the shots of Shani and her Dad- priceless! Bless you both!

Shani: Jesse + Nelli -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We love them all! It was so great to see you again, and this blog was definitely a bright spot in my crazy week. Words are not enough. Bless you!

Dori: Wonderful photos!! So full of personality.
Congrats Roger and Shani!!!

Jim: WOW...GREAT PICS!!! I absolutely love them all but Id have to say the ones with Shani & Roger in front of the red wall are my fav; both of you just came alive. Hats off to Jesse & Nelli, you definately knew how to capture a special moment in every photo! Roger & Shani, thx again for letting us all be there with you...love you both.

joel: jesse and nelli....

what a wonderful eye both of you have. thank you for sharing shani and rogers wonderful night with us. i know i have a photographer someday if i ever tie the knot!

Chad: very nice, love the shots out on the middle of the street with the whole wedding party

Chris: Awesome pics of an awesome day! Congrats you kids!

Rosanne: Well of course the pictures are great, their in Ohio! :P Congratulations on a beautiful day!

Monte Griffin: Great pix, looking forward to seeing the rest!

JP Bridlewood: I taught Sunshine Roswell everything he knows... congrats my brotha.

Jesse: Hi Shani and Roger and Joel. Thanks for everything. What an amazing experience. I should have your full gallery up where prints can be ordered by the end of the week. Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon

Jesse: Hi Shani and Roger and Joel. Thanks for everything. What an amazing experience. I should have your full gallery up where prints can be ordered by the end of the week. Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon

Tim Harris: These are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. What an amazing day and an amazing couple!
I was blessed to be a part of it!

Tyler Fitch: The pictures on the red wall are phenomenal and I wish we didnt have a schedule conflict and could have been there to celebrate the day.

Heather Crockett: Just beautiful! It shows your personalities so well!!! Congrats to you both!

Quenty: A very nice wedding! It was my favorite of all my daughters. I like the blue star-lite effects on the street photos.

Caroline Harris: What gorgeous pictures guys! You will always treasure those. God bless you both.


Mom and Dad Hodge: Beautiful Bride + Handsome Groom + Adorable Wedding Party + Happy Family and Friends = An Absolutely Wonderful Day! Thank you, Jesse and Nelli, for capturing their day so beautifully! Anxious to see the rest!