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Davy and Angela Engaged!


Never have I had more fun at an engagement session.  Part of that has to do with my new mentality.  Since going to WPPI this spring and spending a week with Mat and Jim I've re-evaluated my business and my life.  I realized that I was treating my art like a job, and although I do think it is the best job I could ever have, I don't want to be a "factory photographer" doing the same things over and over and just making money.  I want to give people an experience that they will remember.  I want to use my camera and my eye and my heart to show people they are loved.

Another huge reason this shoot was so much fun has to do with this amazing couple as well.  Davy is one the best friends I've ever had.  I was really close to him and his family through-out high-school and beyond.  They introduced me to skiing and snowboarding and homeschooling and big families.  He and his family (Davy is one of seven kids) took me in when I was in need of friendship and support at the age of 15 and we were close ever since.  My siblings also grew very close to Davy's family and my brother David will soon be in Davy's wedding on July 24th.  A great tragedy hit Davy's life and his family on December 28, 2000.  His Mom, sister Kilty, sister Arundel, and brother Tully lost their earthly lives in a car accident on the way to go snowboarding.  Kilty was my age and is responsible for introducing me to my wife Nelli.  She and Arundel, who was my sister and brother's best friend, were two of the most remarkable people I will ever meet.  No words can ever describe impact of their loss or their lives.  A couple years ago Davy met Angela.  She has brought such joy to his life that I have not seen in years.  They just had twin boys together who were appropriately named Tully and Talon.  These boys are such blessings to Davy and Angela.  Nelli and I loved seeing how these two interacted with their boys.

This was an unusual session for me.  We originally planned on just getting Sushi and catching up, but when Davy asked to do the engagement pics I knew it would be special.  However, I was limited to my one lens with no light modification.  Normally, my art is substantiated by my tools.  This time would have to be different.  We started the session with Me, Nelli, baby Zoe, Davy, Angela, baby Talon and baby Tully at Sushi Hana in Missoula - a great way to start!  We all enjoy trying to blast our heads full of as much wasabi as possible until you feel it at the top of your brain.  

Missoula Wedding Photographer

We then decided to go for a walk.  And I could almost hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I took this shot.

Next, we headed to the orange street bridge where you can see the city of Missoula in the background.  Supposedly Angela is not the type who likes her picture taken, but I couldn't tell.  I think we all felt like it was more of a double-date anyway.

They enjoy being with each other so much.  I know that emotion can fade in years of marriage.  Having been married for 11 years, I can say that this joy and love is still possible deep into a marriage.  Nelli and I were fortunate to be inspired by the love that Davy and Angela share.

Soon the boys had to get involved.  Nelli is the best person I could ever shoot with.  Not only did she have some great ideas, she kept 3 babies completely chill for the whole time.

Here's a shot of us all together.  Nelli and I couldn't stop talking about how great this experience was.  Photography is about capturing beauty and love, so that it can be remembered and constantly inspire us.  Davy and Angela, you are awesome together and we love you.  We wish you the very best with your family and with the upcoming wedding.  It was a treasure to see you and spend this time with you and I'm sure we will do it again.

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Previous Comments

Shani: Congrats, Davy & Angela -- on the babes + engagement. Another lovely photo shoot by Jesse & Nelli! These were so fun to see.

jesse: Super Fun engagement shoot and an awesome time with a great friend. I think every engagement session should start with wasabi as well.

Jesse + Dani Gilge: Congrats you guys, awesome pics and a beautiful family.

Maryann Koopman Kelly: Jesse, youve got such an amazing talent for photography! These images are awesome and your words and descriptions made me feel like I got to watch from the sidelines. Keep up the great work - youve got a gift!

Davy and Ang - I am so happy for you guys. Beautiful boys and a great life ahead of you. Ive been married for a year and a half and I wouldnt ever go back. Now you just have to come visit us in Ireland so my Evey can play with the twins! :)

Take care and much love,

Vicki Voegelin: Davy told me all about this day and what a great time all of you had!
Jessy - You captured not only the experience that Davy spoke of but all of the emotion that he told me was there too! Well done!
I am so glad that all of you had that time together and that you got to meet THE BOYS!

Mom: Jesse, I was so close to tears while looking at these pictures and reading what you wrote. I felt so blessed to see this, I still might cry. Its pure joy - this gift.