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Stephanie and Jonathan Married


It takes a special person to not only have the intelligence to become a medical doctor or a veterinarian, but also have the desire to care for people and animals as well.  Stephanie, who is beginning her residency as an emergency room doctor at Emory, and Jonathan who recently completed his education to become a veterinarian have these rare qualities.  I was only able to spend a day with them, but that day was enough to see that Jonathan and Stephanie were not only great people, but they are great for each other.  It was a pleasure and we wish them luck in Atlanta. 

I have been wanting to try out this next photograph for a while.  I was pleased with the results.

Stephanie and Jonathan were real troopers.  When we arrived at the church Kristin and I noticed this fire escape on the side of a building covered with ivy on the church grounds.  Stephanie, high heals and all, with the assistance of Jonathan hiked up the escape.  even though they ran into a few gnats up there, the pictures were worth it.

These next few shots remind me of an old mission out West.  I think the shot on the right below is my favorite of the day.

Although this is the second time we have photographed the wedding party in a tree, this one was a bit taller than the last.  One of the bridesmaids asked if they qualified as one of the most adventurous groups I have shot, and the answer is yes.

I am a huge fan of the cake smash.  You only get to do this once, so why not have a ball?

Night shots are quickly becoming my favorite thing to shoot.  It is certainly tricky, but I love it.  It is not possible with every reception venue or schedule, but when it is right it is a great addition to the day.


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Barb : Unbelievable pictures!! I have NEVER seen anymore beautiful wedding pictures than these!!! I am literally sitting here in "awe"!!!

Dolcee Hoffman: The pictures are beautiful. The photographer did an awesome job.

Dolcee Hoffman: The pictures are beautiful. The photographer did an awesome job.

Kate Hamm: Just wonderful, happy photos! Congratulations! Happiness always

nicole: Cheers to the Bride and Groom! What stunning pictures you two beautiful people took.

Karen: What wonderful photos! You look SOOOOO Happy!

Russ: Fantastic photos that were classic as well as creative! All the shots were superb and I loved the fire escape photos.

Angie Absten: These are some of the most special and very professionally presented wedding shots I have seen. You both look so genuine and happy and not stiff or tired. Bless you all.

Gina Wargo: My favorite was the bubbles. I agree that you really look happy. What a wonderful wedding.
May you be blessed with as much happiness going forward. I also liked the guys in the trees, and the multiple exposure. My hubby just loved your camera lens!!

Stephanie: Thank you! Thank you! I love them!

Rhonda: These are so creative, unique, and well done - but the real reason I love them so much is you both look like you are enjoying yourself so much! What a wonderful way to capture your wedding! Best wishes....