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Kami and Jeremy married!


I got to shoot Kami and Jeremy's wedding last Saturday.  This was my first one of the year that I was the main photographer.  I was super excited, and I was even able to take my good friend Liz with me to help assist me.  Jesse had been teaching me tons of new techniques, and I had been practicing all week.

 When we woke up, it was pouring rain!  But it just worked out, that every time we needed the rain to stop, it did, and we were able to get all the shots that we needed outside taken.

Jesse had a wedding this day too.  I am super happy that he decided to let me take the 1.2 50mm lens.  I used that most of the day.  It's my favorite lens. 

Since it was rainy, we took these shots in her parents sun room.  The roof was leaking and wasn't the prettiest as far as backgrounds go...  but *perfect* light.  Her dad later told me that they were ripping that room down!

Here is Jeremy with his boys.

These two were so happy to be married.  Right before Kami came down the isle, Jeremy was waiting... and watching the door.  He said out loud, "Let me see her already!"  It was so cute.

The kiss

Husband and wife!

The bubbles...

We took the artistic pictures at Lakeview Park in the rose gardens.  The roses are sooo beautiful right now!

I love how Kami's eyeshadow matched her flowers!  :)

These two are my favorites of the day.

This might be my favorite too!

Their first dance:

For their night shot, we went outside to a fountain.  It kind-of looks like a neon volcano is erupting behind them!

Congratulations Kami and Jeremy!


Previous Comments

jboone: The bubble shots are wow! shots along with the garden ones. Sweet all around

mat: Great Job! I agree with Jesse, the bubble pics are great and the richness of the garden shots are delightful.

Jeni: they all look awesome! I cant wait to see them all, especially all the ones in the garden!

Susan Christine Naso: The pictures are AMAZING! Finest Moments captured both of your playful personalities perfectly! You both looked stunning beyond beautiful! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I hope to see the entire wedding photo collection when you get them!
Love, Aunt Sue!

kristin: Nelli, these shots look great. You really did a nice job. i love the vibrancy of the colors. i was really impressed.

Jill: These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them and cant wait to see the rest!!!

Linda: I cant decide if I like the rose garden shots the best or the beach shots, or no - the Bubble shots - cant wait to see the rest!

Liz: Nelli, you truly have an impeccable eye for detail...every shot is flawless! I was so excited to see how they would all turn out and they are all so beautiful. I would have to agree with everyone else that the bubble shots are amazing. You have really captured everyones expressions and have such a gift for putting people at ease so that they dont look posed. Very Impressive.

Mom: Nelli, I loved these photos - wow!
and what you write is so fun. I love the photo where you can see the bride in the mirror (one of the first ones I saw.) Nice!

Mom: Nelli, I loved these photos - wow!
and what you write is so fun. I love the photo where you can see the bride in the mirror (one of the first ones I saw.) Nice!

Tiffany: Wow! I LOVE those bubble shots. And the ones of the bride in the sun room are beautiful. Her eyes look amazing!

Love: the pictures are amazing! I just adore the waterfall pictures.