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Lindsay and Justin Married!


Each wedding I shoot has certain elements that stand out.  Most weddings have a similar form - Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or the like - nearly all weddings I shoot have many similarities.  So as a photographer I am always looking for what makes each wedding special (something outside the form of the wedding).  This was the first Macedonian Orthodox wedding we have photographed, but having shot Greek Orthodox weddings before it was not too different.  The celebrations at the reception were unique, but the element of Lindsay and Justin's wedding day that caught my attention were their family connections.  One could see it in Justin's joy in celebrating with his family both in Macedonian traditions as well as in American ones, and you could see it in a different way between Lindsay and her father (especially during the father-daughter dance).  It was family, both in Lindsay and Justin's connection with their own families, as well as the connection they showed as they started their own family that day, which stood out to me as the element that made their day unique.

This next one is my favorite of the day.


I had to put this one in for the fun of it.


The ring bearer dancing with and dipping the bride is classic!


Previous Comments

Janese: Now I know who the bairny one is, Ill keep looking for your posts.

Diane Brown: Dan & Megan:

What beautiful pictures! What a testimony from both of you that you will weather every storm in your marriage. Congratulations!

kathy glendenning: I love all the pictures but the Father Daughter dance one really touched my heart. Congratulations on your new life together.

Mama: Love the pictures- can't wait to see the rest. The kids sure made a great choice when picking you as their photographer. Everyone had so much fun with you, your wife and your picture taking style! Thanks for making their day extra-special

Nick: The wedding was a blast. The trip to cleveland was great, glad i could be a part of it. Cant wait to see the picture in front of the lebron poster.

Mariah: The pictures are amazing.
Can't wait to see the rest of them:)
I love the one of the boys snapping their fingers:)

Jill Carr: These are the most beautiful wedding pics I have ever seen! The creativity is amazing.

Cindy: What an artistic capture of the day and the special moments. May their life be filled with as much happiness I see in these pictures.

Gloria Leonard: What a beautiful, creative collection of wedding memories! As the groom's mom, I could not be more pleased! I'm loving the LeBron pic!!

Jill: Great shots of a good looking couple! Love the pic of Lindz & Justin with the bright light in the background. It was so special to be part of your special day!

Nelli: This looked like such a fun wedding! I love the processing of the top few, and the shots with the girls that had their bouquets in front of the guys faces. The last shot is so adorable too. Good job guys!

jboone: The lighting in those alley shots is awesome

Miranda: Looks like such a fun day!! Mat I agree with your favorite!! I love that pic!!

love: I love these pictures so much! i think there my favorite pictures.

Alicia: It looks like such a fun wedding. I love the alley pictures. And I do think the crazy flower money hat was pretty cool too!