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Dan + Hollie Engaged!


It brings me joy just to be able to go back to these photos.  From the moment I met Dan and Hollie I knew being able to photograph their wedding was going to be a privilege and an joy.  Edgewater Park was the choice for the engagement sessions because it has some sentimental value to them, and I'm a big fan of sentimental value.  They told us how this was the place where Dan first called Hollie.  Ever since that phone call life hasn't been the same for either of them.  By spending a few hours with them, I can pretty confidently say that life changed for the better.  Nelli and I both got that wonderful sense that Dan and Hollie are indeed meant for each other.  They are soul mates who found each other that evening when Dan pulled out his phone at Edgewater Park.  As we walked the park I asked Holli what it was that grabbed her attention.  How did he win your over?  Holli's response was that Dan made her laugh and she loved how he made her laugh every day.  This wasn't surprising to me.  For Dan had already made us laugh with a little dance he pulled out early in the shoot.  She said he made her laugh every day.  And that is precisely why this was such a wonderful session to be a part of.  We photographed and we laughed and we photographed and we laughed, and then we watched the sunset go down together.


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Vicky McGuire: Holli and Dan:
Beautiful pictures! I'm so happy for you!

Drew Enriquez: Love the video, and the pics are very nice! Congrats you 2. Glad to have you as a part of the family Dan.

Mark Fitzthum: Dan & Holli, these pictures are well done. I can only imagine how good your wedding pictures will look. I am so happy for you both. What an exciting time in your lives. Savor every moment!

Bidder Didder: Woot woot! What a

Emily: Great pics! Love the C-Town skyline in the background... Can't wait to see you!

Erin : Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time taking them!

Aunt Carole & Uncle Dave: What lovely photos! They are so unique and beautifully done. They truly capture the love and happiness you both share. Hold on to these moments. They are the foundation of your life together.
We love you both!
Aunt Carole & Uncle Dave

Stephanie Church: These are awesome! So glad you went with Finest Moments Dan!!

Holli & Dan: We are so excited about how amazing these turned out! Love the Video :) It was great working with you both and cant wait for September.

Tiffany: Their personalities really translate well in these photos (and I dont even know them!) I think my favorite is the first one of Hollie standing on the log. Perfect natural light!

Dave: Could you guys be any happier?

Donnald: Congratulations on such great pictures, I cant wait for the wedding!

Jessica Kufel: Holli & Dan:
These are the best! They truly capture both of your personalities! I LOVE the video at the end...I could almost hear you laughing! Cant wait for the wedding! Congrats!

Katie Barnum-Brz: Holli and Dan- These are great! What a beautiful couple. Cant wait to see the wedding photos! Love, Katie

The Youskies: Wow! What outstanding pictures! We are very excited to have Holli join our family (Holli are you ready?) The setting was perfect especially the sunset pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Shelley: Love love love the pictures...especially the ones at the end with the sunset in the background. The beach shots are terrific! You guys look so naturally happy!! The video is hilarious!

Rich And Cindy: Great pics guys...good luck on picking your fav.

Alicia: I love these pictures. It looks like there in Hawaii. But my favorite was the video clip.
Great Job and congrats to Dan and Hollie!

Linda and Pete : What great Pics Our favorite is the one you 2 seating on the beach with the pier in the back ground and you 2 are just staring into each others eyes .

Becky: I love the sunset pics- great lighting! Cant wait to see what you choose!

Gilly: Like the beach pics, especially the ones with the Cleveland downtown scene in the background. Congrats to you and Holli!

Elaine Fitzthum: Beautiful ! I love the ones on the beach. Are you going to make her stand on a rock for the rest of her life so she reach the height of your face ? LOL

Diane & Dad: Wow!-absolutely spectacular pictures! Love the photographer

Mom (Rebecca): Oh honey, these are so beautiful...really depicts the happiness you too share!

John Zaluski: The pictures look great!