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Brad and Brittany Married!


Anyone who follows this blog may be noticing the fact that the last shoots I have had have all been pretty amazing.  I'm not bragging about the pictures.  What is amazing to me is the stories and the emotion behind these shoots.  I'm getting connected with some people that are really special.  In a way it feels like purpose or destiny.  With Brad and Brittany it was no different.  The first thing I noticed when I arrived to shoot Brittany's preparation shots was the excitement and the joyful presence of her family.  Her mom and her grandma and her aunt were all there at times and I could tell they were having so much fun.  They were so pleasant to be around.  Well little did I know that when I walked out to the ceremony I would run into a very familiar face.  Brittany's mom, Mona had a brother - Uncle Rich.  Uncle Rich had worked with me for about 4 years when I ran an interior design/flooring company.  He became a good friend during that time, but neither of us had any idea I was shooting the wedding for his family.  Coincidence..? maybe.  I should have known because Brittany, her mom and grandma all had the same joyful demeanor I knew from Rich.  Here are a few shots from the getting ready hour

cleveland wedding photographer

ohio wedding photographer

international destination wedding photographer

As you can see, Brittany was a stunning bride.

Brad and his boys were equally ready.

Excitement was everywhere as the ceremony began...

destination wedding photography

Okay, this was a June 5 to remember.  Not only was it Finest Moments busiest day of the year, it was also one of the rainiest wedding days I've seen in 6 years.  We really wanted to do pictures at Oberlin College but the weather was a concern.  Driving there my normally optimistic wedding mindset was being challenged.  It was pouring the whole way until just before we pulled up behind the limo at Tappan Square.  The rain stopped, the sky became brighter and we hurried out to try to get just a few before it started back up.  Well it turns out that we could have as much time as we needed.  For the 45 minutes we had, we enjoyed a wonderful temperature and a cloudy softbox with no rainfall.  The result of this blessing is right here:

oberlin finney chapel wedding pictures

This is a long blog post, but I couldn't help it. Every wedding is more than an event, it is a story.  It is a story with history behind it.  It is a story of love, trust, adventure, risk, reward and family.  That's a part of the reason we love shooting weddings.  I enjoy telling the story with pictures and creating something of such great sentimental value that it will be passed on for generations.  This wedding was a story I'm grateful to be a part of.  The reception was a celebration of friends and family with lot's of dancing.

Normally this would be the goodbye shot, but Brad and Brittany wanted to try some night shots outdoors with us.  As we opened the door we noticed we had a window of opportunity (weather-wise).  We went out to a green on the Avon Oaks Country Club Golf Course to try something new.  When we went out there were still several guests mingling, but friends and family were filtering out.  We were able to get a few shots before the downpour began.  We ran, me with my arm extended holding my lighting umbrella above Brittany and as much of my equipment as I could.  Fortunately, Caroline saved the rest of my equipment.  Running to the ballroom as fast as we could, we avoided getting totally drenched. Upon entering, we soon noticed that everyone was gone.  So for the first time in my history as a wedding photographer...I gave the bride and groom a ride to the hotel.  Yes, it's true.  So was it worth it?  Going outside and getting drenched for a few shots...

I think it was.  And I'm glad to have gotten to know Brittany and Brad.  I'm going to see them again tonight actually.  They just got back from what  I hear was a wonderful trip to Cancun and have decided to do a Trash the Dress shoot without the Trash the Dress part.  It's going to be fun and relaxed.  I hope to show you those images very shortly.

Blessings to you both.  May your marriage always be filled with love.


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Previous Comments

Dortha: As Charile Sheen says, this article is Â?WINNING!Â?

Lana Cummings: The photos are absolutely beautiful. You captured so many precious moments magnificently. Not being able to attend, I almost felt like I was there for a moment. These photos will be a treasure for Brad & Brittany to enjoy and share for many years to come.

Kristen Spagnola: I was in the bridal party and the photographer was just a joy to work with. They let us relax and be natural and each picture looked as if it had been planned. I enjoyed the experience.

Anthony Spagnola: I was a groomsmen and I am so happy for Brittany and Brad. The pictures were so much fun to take. It was honestly one of the most fun days of my life. GO BRADDDDDD!

Patty Berkowitz: I am so proud and blessed to have you both in my life. The entire day was filled with joy and beautiful moments! Wishing you many loving years together!

Love you both,


jboone: This was awesome, and it was great to spend some more time with you guys at the night photo session when you got back. I'll get those posted soon

Nancy Mattern: Congratulations Brad and Brittany!!!

Christie Long: The pics are even more beautiful then I imagined.

Joan and Ted Machock: Viewing these beautiful images, we relive a truly magical day with Brittany and Brad, family and friends. We feel blessed and honored to have been a part of it. Grandma Joan and Grandpa

Brad & Brittnay: The pics look awesome. We had a great time. congratulations!

Jenn: What a beautiful bride! Great photos Jesse!

Michelle: Awesome pictures. Awesome wedding.

Jim Mc: great wedding and pics / enjoy a long happy healthy life together / josh ? great speach tho ! / the idiot phrase is being thrown around our house quite alot :)

Nelli: I think this is a truly artistic piece of work. Beautiful.

josh: i dont remember any of this but great pictures

norma moreno: I am Brittany's Grandma, these were the most
beautiful and loving protraits that I've ever
seen. The Photogragher covered every special moment. The best I've ever seen. I would recommend him to anyone.

David Schubert: Jesse, these are absolutely amazing! I am Brittany's cousin and was in the wedding party, and I must say that you really captured the beauty of this wonderful day... thank you so much, these pictures will be cherished for many years to come!

Brittany and Brad: Jesse, it has been an absolute delight to work with Finest Moments during one of the most exciting times of our lives. You have displayed utmost professionalism and talent during this journey and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Choosing you as our photographer has proved to be an outstanding decesion. We look forward to working with you in the future. Excellent job!!

Kristen: I remember all of them and it was fun. Great pictures.

Laurie M. Cyprus-Gill: Jesse, The pictures are amazing. Thank you very much for the quaility time and feeling you put into each moment of my special niece Brittany's wedding. I am sure Brittany and Brad will cherish these memories for a lifetime. We all had a wonderful evening.


Laurie M Cyprus-Gill