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Aaron + Leah Married!


I was really excited to shoot this wedding since it was my first of the season, and it did not disappoint. David and I had a great time hanging out with Leah and Aaron's friends and family. What an amazing group of people!  Leah was one of the most calm brides I have ever worked with, which made my job quite easy! And when the weather decided to be less than ideal, Leah and Aaron simply improvised and made a pit stop at Target to buy umbrellas for the shoot at the park. 

After shooting a bit at Lakewood park and downtown Cleveland (spontaneously), we headed over to Rocky River where they had a fun reception planned with great music and dancing all night.  I should also mention that it was definitely the first wedding I've been to where tacos were served as the main course. I later found out that Aaron is fluent in spanish and he LOVES tacos, so why not serve them at your wedding?! It was unique and I loved it. 

Look at this amazing ring shot David got!


This wedding party was a blast to work with. They had lots of creative ideas for photos which made for a really fun afternoon!



I really loved what was written on this page of their guest book.
cleveland wedding photographer

Aaron and Leah, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day! We wish you the best! 

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Previous Comments

Jessica Swiger: I adore your pictures!! They are fantastic! What a beautiful wedding.

Nelli: These are sweet. Really creative... I like the shot of the guys looking at the girls through the binoculars. And I like the dance shot. Great job guys!

jboone: I love the attention to detail. This looks like such a fun couple.

Pam Gourlie: You guys did an awesome job and were wonderful to work with! You did a great job on both our son

Jackie Beam: These look wonderful! ; )

Kirsten B: These are awesome! My favorite is the one in the middle of the brick circle thing. Leah's dress was beautiful! Congratulations again to Aaron and Leah.

Kathy L: These pictures are absolutely georgeous! I love the creativity, the contrast, and the interesting shots in various locations. What a beautiful album to remember such a special day. Kudos to all the photographers. I would highly recommend your services. I loved the bubble shots and I also loved the view looking down on the couple standing on the brick walk with the lake in the background.

Lindsay: "Oh my gosh what a small world! Not to be nosey, but I knew you two looked familiar…. You were on the same honeymoon cruise we were! Hope you had as much fun as we did….your pictures are amazing! Best of luck to you two =) "

melissa ratliff: the pictures are awesome and beautiful. what an amazing couple you too..aaron and leah..make. am so glad i got to enjoy in the festives with you guys i had funn.
the pictures show so much love and funn you guys have with each other and wish you both so many good memories together.

SRoslan: Beautiful pictures. I love the bubbles pictures, the one with all the guys that looks like an album cover for a band, the cake and champagne pictures, and especially the one with the Leah and Aaron sitting on the brick ground resting.

Jen Ferguson: Fantastic photos! Very beautiful event. Congratulations to you both. Wishing you the very best!!

Susi Schall: Amazing pictures!! What a wonderful wedding and reception! Beautiful people...beautiful day...beautiful pictures!

Heidi: I adore these pictures! Leah and Aaron- the colors u chose for the wedding looked so nice with the scenery! The bubble ones look amazing, i love them so much! And all the different poses, lighting, exposures, etc, make every picture so unique!

Melanie: Love the pics!!!! Congratz to you both!! Leah u r gorgeous!!! My favorites are then ones ny the water!

Christina Neal: These are beautiful pictures!

Bethany: I LOVE these pictures! My favorite is the one where the groom is holding the umbrella over her head while walking down the path... And the cake is absolutely beautiful! =)

camisa : I loved the veil shot. Great photos!! Love that JG is on here!!!

Sarah G: ooahahahahaha. Oh Jonathan...... Of COURSE he would write that in the guest book..... BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

Dena: Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats!

Sarah Glink: These are amazing pictures, they really capture the personality of those two love-birds. I LOVE the stone cold picture of the groomsmen, and all of the pics of the groom and bride together...wonderful!

Kevin Payne: Amazing photos. Love the green bridesmaid dresses too! Congrats!

Barb and Kevin Payne

Amanda Bayati: Absolutely stunning! The pics show how happy you two are! :-D

Grandma Pinkney: I thought they were great

Michelle Amos: Very creative pictures! Love it!

Sherry Barnum: Aaron and Leah,
the pictures are amazing you towo look so happy all the best you you. God Bless.


Denae Lawrence: I love how you got wedding pics the same place as your first kiss Aaron and Leah!!! They turned out so great. Love you guys!!

katie: these pics are absolutely gorgeous and soooo creative CONGRATS AARON AND LEAH~!!!

Jennifer Gourlie (Pacifico): The bubbles are my favorite! Great photos guys.

Brandi Swinderman: Your pictures are beautiful! :)

Janet Tinney: Aaron & Leah,
Your wedding photos are beautiful. God Bless the two of you as you begin a life together.

Bruce King: Awesome photos Leah!!!

We're very happy for you and Aaron!

Denise: The Wedding pictures are breathtaking.

joe: great pictures!