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Tony and Shannon - Married!


Shannon and Tony were married a couple of weeks ago in an amazing outdoor ceremony.  Tiffany (our second shooter and office manager) was able to shoot with me so that Kristin could be at home with the boys for the day.  It was toasty outside, but with plenty of shade and happy guests it was ideal.  The aspect of their wedding that most presented itself to everyone there was a sense of fun.  Tony was the life of the party and Shannon was joyfully sharing that fun with him. It was a great time as you shall see.

From my experience with Tony he seemed like a humorous fellow, as well as a tough individual - so to catch him crying as his bride approached was certainly a delight.  When I am able to "catch the moment" like that I like to think of myself as a mighty hunter in our digital age...only for a minute though.

The location was the best!

The ringbearers actually stood up front for the whole ceremony - I was impressed - and Tiffany and I got to catch them at some great times.

Although Tony was the primary football fan of the couple - Shannon was all about showing her skills.

To say that Tony was a funny guy would be an understatement - you can see in Shannon's face how he makes her laugh along with most everyone else around.

This is the first time I have witnessed the best man carrying the groom.

I love this next one.

I wanted everyone to notice the shoes to the bottom left.  At the beginning of the day they were spotless and here they had a few scuffs on them.  I could have cleaned them up in photoshop, but they reminded me of how marriage actually is.  I have been married for 8 years now - I found that you will get your "shoes dirty" with the activities of life, but if you still remember "I do" the scuffs will not matter.

This next guy was just too nutty not to include.

There was a little bit of a Martini theme - so everyone was having a bit of fun with it.

But when you mix a martini theme with actual martinis the results can be dangerous!

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Mike Mordarski: A gorgeous day. A great time. A honor to have been a part to it. All the best!! Fantastic pics!!

Edie Dietz: The wedding was gorgeous. The day was great. We had fun. These pictures a nice. Best of luck in your marriage. Love each other and have fun.

Mom: Gorgeous pictures!! So happy this day had finally come, but sorry it had passed so quickly! Congratulations!

Stacy Claflin: Amazing pictures!!! I love how you captured the moment in these pics. Again, congratulations and best of everything to the both of you.

Stacy Claflin: Amazing pictures!!! I love how you captured the moment in these pics. Again, congratulations and best of everything to the both of you.

Jennifer Bray: Beautiful wedding. We had a great time.

Jessica Latine: It was a very pretty wedding. We enjoyed the reception and photo both. Everything went very well. Congratulations.

Terry : The pictures are great. Glad to be a part of your day.

Cindi: Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. The pictures are great. Everything was so pretty

Gayle: You looked gorgeous. Everything was so pretty just like you Shannon. Congratulations and happiness.

Tara: Hi Guys.

Beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect! We loved all of your special touches. Good Luck and Congratulations.

Berto, Tara, Sonny, & Sal

Diane Kopp: Absolutely beautiful, magical wedding ... Am thrilled for you both. You fill my heart with joy! May you grow together and love more deeply with each passing moment. I love you ... Diane xoxo

Lynn Smith and Mike Spencer: Shannon and Tony, your wedding was absolutely perfect, and the pictures definitely captured your lovely day. Shannon, you and your mom are two beautiful ladies. When you visit Sarasota, we would love to hear more details. Congratulations!
Lynn and Mike

jboone: This was awesome. Emotion filled photos and lot's of fun. Really good

Tiffany: These turned out really great!! They were such a fun couple to work with! And I really like what you said about that photo of her shoes, Mat. Very cool.

Jennifer Kelly: These pictures turned out beautiful!

Adriana: I love love love the one with tony kissing shannons shoulder and her looking in the mirror!! I will recommended you guys to others for sure!!!!

Awesome pictures

Miranda: Looks like a VERY fun couple. I love guys face in the last photo.... I think that one should be titled "sad martinis :("

Melinda Zirzow: Wow!!!! So pretty. I really love the one with Ed holding Tony....hahaha

Kristin: Love them! It was such a great time.

Kevin: Great photos! The one by the red wall is stunning!

traci: Fabulous Photos, Wonderful Wedding, Beautiful Bride!! You guys did an excellent job!! Will definately recommend!!
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!

Bridget: Amazing photos - I love the one with the light red archway!!!

Dad and Carolyn: Loved the shoe photos, all were beautiful, cant wait to see the rest!!

JuJu: Awesome pictures....and I had a great time at the wedding.
Congrats to Tony & Shannon


Brian Fontanella:
Here is wishing you both the best life has to offer and a long and blissful life together

Brian Fontanella

Jennifer Watts: I had a lot of fun at your wedding! Congratulations!


Geneva Courtot: Not Only Was It The Most Beautiful Wedding That My Husband & I Attended; BUT, The Most Spectacular!! I Couldnt Believe,That, After The Wedding Vows Were Exchanged;After All Of The Balloons Were Set Free In The Sky To Symbolize Their Marriage-They Even Had FIREWORKS!!-The Best Firework Display That I Have EVER Seen In A Long, Long, Time!Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!,..


John: The pictures came out awesome! I had so much fun too!

joe: Great pictures!