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Brad and Brittany A+Session


Brad and Brittany came straight back from Cancun for what was one of the most beautiful photos sessions I've had on the lake.  When Brad and Brittany first met with me, they were interested in a Trash the Dress session we offer.  However, like many of our clients, they weren't interest in trashing the dress.  They were interest in getting some romantic, sunset and city shots that they didn't have time to do on their wedding day.  For them and other clients we've had to re-term this session we offer.  We started calling it the day-after session for a while, but few actually did it the day after, so now we've termed it our "A+ Session", and it ties nicely into another service we've been preparing the launch: The Anniversary Session.  The "A" also stands for "Afterward" in Brad and Brittany's case, or "The Aftermath" for those dedicated trash the dressers.  I love portrait sessions like this.  I want to do more and more of these.  We've started offering this for anniversaries in order for couples to re-connect.  We just schedule a double-date with Mat and Kristin or Me and Nelli and have good time together, perhaps going back to the place you did photos on your wedding day.  That can bring back the memories of love and re-kindle relationships by bringing into remembrance the joy and goodness of the relationship.  For Brad and Brittany, coming back from Cancun, re-kindling wasn't the primary motivation.  They just wanted relaxed romantic shots in a beautiful setting.  Let me know what you think.

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Congrats again Brad and Brittany!  We wish you and your families the best always.

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