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Kevin + Mary Married!


Kevin and Mary are such a remarkable couple.  Their wedding was equally remarkable.  From the hand-crafted decorations to the most active dance-floor I've seen in a long time, their wedding was something special and everyone knew.  My videographer Joel and associate photographer David were with me on this one and I don't think either one of them wanted to leave at the end.  It was that much fun!  I also (as is becoming regular occurance) ran into a few connections from past weddings whom I will seeing again soon.  It's so cool when photographing weddings starts becoming somewhat of a reunion with friends.  That's precisely what it felt like with Kevin and Mary.  They were fun and sweet and Irish, which are all good things.  They also had a unique style really demonstrated it with their wedding.  That's how it should be.  What better opportunity in life to express yourself than your wedding.  You've got everyone's attention.  Note to future brides and grooms: follow the example of Mary and Kevin.  I wish I could show more of the details here, but at least you'll get a glimpse.

They made CD's for their guests and I've been listening to it all week.  Anybody who puts Van Morrison on their wedding disk will get me to give the whole collection a listen.

Here is a picture that meant a lot to me.  Kevin and Mary decorated their wedding with pictures from their parent's and sibling's weddings.  They really valued family and their heritage.  This was a special thing I noticed about them, and I was very impressed.

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Congrats Mary and Kevin.  Hope you have an amazing time in Riviera Maya and I can't wait to work on your album!

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Previous Comments

Sarah Beirne: Hey Kevin and Mary! A little bird told me you guys had Finest Moments take your wedding pictures too so I had to take a look! I LOVE how artsy everything was! The colors, dresses, decorations- AWESOME! And of course, these pictures are amazing! Congrats!

Miranda: Love the dress!! It looks perfect on her- like it absolutely fits her personality!! You can totally see how much she adores her husband in these pictures!! Congrats!!

colleen: these are great!! can

kelsey: awesome pictures, really captured the essence of the wedding! LOVE the pic of the shoes with the wedding photos!

Annie: Great pics! You do really nice work. Congrats again to Kev and Mary!

Staci: Beautiful pictures! Love them!

Brittany: These are amazing, all are beautiful!!

Josh : Fantastic photo's. I wish I booked him for our wedding.

Mike Brennan: These look great! What an amazing day.

Valerie: These pics are incredible. Congrats on your special day! I love all the detail the photographer captured!

Colleen: You guys look sooo happy! I love the pics!

Dave: These are great! And you snuck me in the last one in the lower right corner.

Kate Sowder: You guys are the happiest couple I've ever seen! I LOVE these pics...

Kathleen: I love these photos so much! They actually show what a killer time everyone had!

Tom Vitale: Fantastic photos of a great day to remember. Congrats again you too!

Bus: Stunning photography! Youd never know it was 90 degrees out that day. Love the shot of Mary and her mom.

Sara Thompson: Wow what beautiful pictures!!!! What a beautiful couple....

Eileen: Love the one with the red shoes - or as J. Mike called them, "ruby slippers" :)

Megan Flanagan: These pictures are fantastic. Seriously they are all so good, granted the subjects photographed are pretty good looking too!!! Congratulations again, the wedding was so much fun...thanks for inviting all of us!

Yorgos: Great pics of a great weekend.

Whatever pictures make it in the album I am sure they will look fantastic and make for some great memories, really nice work.

Joe R: Great work, would have no problem recommending your business

Mat: The textures are great - I love the shot of the gals standing on the bench.

Jackie Walsh: All the pictures turned out great! Can't wait to see the rest!!

Bobby Walsh: The pictures turned out amazing. I like the second one coming out of the church with Billy looking on haha.

Katy: Great pictures- great photographers. David, one of the photographers, got "attack hugged" by baby Michael ten seconds after he walked into our very crazy house and didn't even flinch! I knew then that these guys would be fun and relaxed. Thanks for being part of our crazy day!

Grandma Patton: Those pictures were superb! He got a great sense of their personalities.

mom: I love the pictures! Can't wait to see more! It was such a fabulous wedding. Mary looked beautiful and of course Kevin looked so handsome, too. Everything was just so perfect. A wonderful start to a wonderful life together.