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David and Marybeth - Married on the Jersey Shore


When Jesse mentioned that he had a wedding for me to photograph on the ocean I was pretty excited.  When he mentioned that it was in New Jersey - I must be honest - I was not certain what it would be like.  Being from Cleveland Ohio, a place that does not have the greatest reputation throughout the United States, you think that I would have learned not to judge a place by its reputation.  When Kristin and I arrived on the Jersey Shore we were blown away by the beauty of the area.  But it was the people that truly made our trip an amazing experience.

Last year we photographed David and Marybeth's college friends (from Taylor University) here in Ohio.  Apparently they liked our work enough to have us join them in the home town on The Shore - which is a humbling honor.  Right from the beginning we recognized that Marybeth and David were a special couple.  Marybeth was one of the sweetest brides - fawning over Kristin's little pregnant belly almost as much as she was focused on all the wedding details.  Marybeth told us the story behind David and her relationship.  They have know each other since they were in elementary school - David being the older boy Marybeth always had a crush on.  They went to school together for years and she even put his yearbook picture next to hers to see if they made a good looking couple (which I must say that they do).  Towards the end of his high school days David finally asked Marybeth to prom - and that was the beginning of their relationship.  Fast forward through college - these childhood friends were getting married.

By the way - the picture above to the left is an invitation designed by David who is a graphic designer.  He actually designed all the printed elelments that made up the day and they were the best I have seen.  If you want to check out his work you can go to http://www.davidyurkanin.com

Kristin shot the pic below while I was catching the front view.  I am a fan of the composition.

The church they were married in was the neatest church I have been able to photograph in. 

I had to throw this one in.  While I was shooting the family formals this was going on behind me.  Pretty funny.

Shooting at the beach can be tricky - for the person to be bright enough the sky is usually all white and overexposed.  For the sky to look nice the couple would be too dark.  There are photography tricks around this situation, but today it just worked out perfectly with little effort.

I like so many from the day, but this next shot is a stand out one.

We ran off for a bit during the reception to catch a few pics with the sky lit up from the setting sun.  It was a nice nice way for Marybeth and David to take a break together and for us to catch a couple different photographs.

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Andrew: Incredible. The sunset shot of the wedding party on the beach is awesome. Great work.

jboone: Oh my! you raised the bar with that group shot. And the dance party fisheye!

Mom Y: I LOVE these pictures! They really capture what a special day it was! Just beautiful!!!

friendly: beautiful! loved every picture!

Christen Stahl: Like always Mat and Kristin did a fabulous job. Marybeth and Dave, we are so excited for you and these pictures really do capture the essence of such a joyous and beautiful day. Congratulations, We love you, guys!!!

P.S. We love you, too Finest Moments!