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Roadtrips and Rainbows...


We left for our second big roadtrip of the year just over a week ago.  Our first was in May.  We went through 14 different states... straight to the west coast.  We have just been so busy we haven't had a chance to blog all of those photos, but believe me, we will blog those!  On our way back to Ohio, we stopped at Jesse's sister's house in Bozeman, MT.  Her oldest daughter, Love, is 7 months younger than our oldest daughter Alicia.  They were also the first grandchildren.  Alicia and Love have shared a closeness since they were born.  Back to Bozeman... when we arrived in town, we found out that Love had been outside for several hours waiting for us to get there.  We only had a few hours that night and were planning on leaving in the morning.  Next morning, Jesse says to all the kids, "Ok, kids, say goodbye and let's hit the road!"  I had this gut feeling that we were supposed to take Love with us, because we would be coming back to Montana again in a month and a half.  I whispered to Jesse, "Let's take Love..." and he looks at me, and says, "Let's have a family meeting."  For those of you who don't know, me and Jesse have 6 kids...:)  So adding another for over a month would make us even more crazy!  But everybody agreed that we wanted Love to come.  And she did.  Several times throughout that month, we stopped to see what a blessing she was to our family.  Love, Alicia and Caleb(he is 8) got really close.  Jesse actually did a fun summer school with them, teaching them poetry, philosophy, bible, economics and much more.  They even got to plan a mini-vacation by the Lake.  The whole time she was here I was busy... Jesse was busy too, with all the different weddings and photography jobs.  So we never got any good photos of the girls.  We talked about taking some, but it never would work out.  Then it came time to leave and we still had no photos.  In Rapid City, SD, the sun was setting and looking like a perfect photo opportunity.  I talked Jesse into taking the photos.  He had the boys out with him holding flashes, so I can't take any credit for these photos of Alicia and Love.  They were exactly what I had wanted though.  Thank you Jesse for taking these priceless photos! 

So this picture gets us to Montana.  I took Joshy(6) to scope out the area.  We are here to shoot a wedding.  And that is another story, another blog post.  Really an amazing story of how we ended up shooting this wedding.  Me and Jesse are actually going to shoot it in a few hours.  Stayed tuned, Jesse already told me I get to blog the wedding...  :)

This last pic is a picture from the back porch of the house I grew up in.  I don't know if I have ever seen a rainbow this beautiful!  Have a great day!  :)

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Previous Comments

Amy: Those photos of Love and Alicia are so beautiful! I am so glad you guys got to shoot those, what precious memories they will hold :-)

Mat: Amazing shots!

Kristin: these shots are so beautiful! the girls look so sweet. what a special things for them to have and look back on when they grow older. great job!

sandy obryan: amazing. You truly have a gift.

Miranda: The 3rd one of the girls giggling is priceless!!

Liz: These photos of the girls are absolutely priceless - thanks for sharing them and the story of Love :)