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Miranda and Ryan - Married!


When Miranda and Ryan met up with me before the wedding to chat up the details we joked a bit about Miranda being a Finest Moments "blog stalker" (their words).  All kidding aside, you might notice that there are quite a few comments on other weddings throughout the past year from a "Miranda".  This is not a coincidence - the wedding that is below is of this very Miranda who is a faithful contributor to our blog (you may have viewed her engagment shot on the blog last summer).  We met years back when I photographed her sister's wedding.  From my perspective as the photographer, it is always a great honor for someone to want you to shoot their wedding after having experienced your work in the past.  For Miranda and Ryan it was even more of an honor because of her passion for our work, but with this honor comes great responsibility.  I had a tall order to fill, and it was my intention to give Miranda and Ryan something that was unique without being gimmicky - something that was new but that still had the Finest Moments look which they chose - something that was representative of their personality and our artristry.

For her sister's wedding a few years ago, we stopped at a little carnival on the way to the wedding and shot a few pics.  Miranda wanted something special for her wedding day as well and an old time custard shot seemed like a good fit.  We had some fun and got a few terrific pics.  Most brides are not willing to do much before their wedding - so this excurstion made for a one-of-a-kind pre-wedding stop.

I love the face on the bottom left - it is a classic.


Ryan and Miranda got the guys custom made cufflinks that matches each of the guys personality in some way.  I was a huge fan of this personal touch.

If you look closely you can see Ryan tearing up.



Kristin thought of this next pose and it was a winner!

The shot below is a bit nutty if you are not Ryan or Miranda - but I had to include it for fun sake.

The pic to the bottom left is just awesome.  And the pic to the right needs a warning - "Watch out boy she'll chew you up - Oh here she comes - She's a maneater!"

Normally I don't put shots of the bridal party entering the hall, but the naked baby with the bowtie earns a place in the top pics.

In the evening we went outside the reception and shot a few pics with the sun low in the horizon (and a few night shots).  This is a great time for Miranda and Ryan to simply enjoy each other and think about the day while it was still happening.

This one is probably my favorite of the day - or atleast in the top few.

This next one was not the best shot of the day from a photography standpoint - but I think it was  a special moment. we try to be on the sidelines and allow the bride and groom to be with each other and ignore everything else - but sometimes it is a bit challenging.  This was a moment where I think Miranda let her gaurd down a bit and grabbed Ryan's face and looked into his eyes and kissed him.  Hopefully this shot will bring back those memories for the rest of their lives.


I threw together this slideshow for giggles - enjoy!


miranda from Mathew Crawford on Vimeo.


Previous Comments

Sara Heidenreich: Pictures are beautiful Mandy! I wish you guys happiness always.

Jessica: Absolutely beautiful Mandy!

Mom OBryan: There are no words that describe what an amazing day this was. The most beautiful bride Ive ever seen (tied with a bride I saw 4 years ago) You were glowing with happiness & your smile told it all. Ryan looking so happy & handsome as always and yes - I saw him tearing up. Who wouldnt ??
Last but certainy not least - THE spectacular photographer - Mat. You captured all the special moments & added so much fun. Thank you for your expertise. It is greatly appreciated!

Ryan - aka "The Groom": LOVE the pictures. You guys captured our day perfectly!

On a side note: I love Chris' (my Best Man) face in the background of the "tongue" picture!

Miranda: Its true...I am a blog stalker. I had very high expectations for Finest Moments and I have to say they have not let me down! Mat and Kristen did such an amazing job capturing so many special moments on our wedding day, they have far exceeded my expectations! You guys were so much fun to have around all day and are truly WONDERFUL people. I just cant tell you how much I adore the work you do and appreciate you putting so much time, effort, and love into our wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (And this comes from not even seeing ALL the pics! I cant wait!)

Michele: I can't even begin to say how impressed I am ... not just with the photos, but with Mat and Kristen. They were absolutely spot-on that day and knew exactly where to take everyone to get the best shots. It's great that R&M didn't have to worry about a thing on their special day, and it definitely shows in these pics. Wish I could do my wedding over again and hire them! AMAZING!

Andrea: The pictures are great!! I love Gideon's debut :)

JBoone: Wow! Love these shots. All of them. Such a good mix of fun, humor and classy elegance. Congrats Miranda and Ryan!

Elaine Shary: I've never seen wedding pictures that were this beautiful and unique! What an amazing variety of shots. The day was perfect and the bride is stunning and the groom is so handsome. I loved every minute of the day and you captured everything perfectly! I can't wait to see more.

sharon: Just beautiful!

Candace (THE MoH): I cant WAIT to see the book! It will be fabulous. Mat and Kristen are so gifted- blessed by God Himself in so many ways. They are wonderful to be around and just felt like one of the family/friends hanging out with us on the special day. They really captured Ryan and Miranda and what their day was all about. Im sure the mythical Jesse is wonderful too- maybe Ill get to meet him someday :) haha!

PS: That naked baby IS awfully adorable! :)

jesse: The Mythical Jesse Thats so funny:) I hope to meet you soon too.

Nelli Boone: Miranda,
These photos are so amazing! You were such a beautiful radiant bride... I feel like I know you(even though we have never met) and it looked like such a fun day. I wish you both the best marriage with lots of anniversaries! I cant wait to see your album, I know if will be one-of-a-kind. Take care, maybe Ill meet you someday :)
I also agree with Candace... the naked baby is adorable!