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Mary + Shannon Married!


When I met Mary at the Fish Bridal show, she and Shannon had already planned a wedding in the Outer Banks.  They already had a photographer for the ceremony.  They were planning a local Cleveland reception and after seeing some of our pictures decided to turn it into a photo day as well.  It was a relaxed, fun day of being creative.  This was the first time I have been hired to do a wedding without the ceremony being part of it.  There were also some other elements that were unique.  One of my favorites parts of the day was beginning at Shannon's Grandma's retirement home.  She is about to turn 100!  These images were very meaningful to me as well, because I could see how special the relationship is that Shannon has with his Grandma.  My grandma left this earthly life a couple years ago and she was very special to me and helped raise me.  She taught me so much.  I really appreciated this moment.  Here are a few pics from that wonderful time.  I hope they are cherished memories for a long time.

With this image I wanted to create something that symbolized the heritage that is passed on from one generation to the next.  I love how it turned out.

Cute kids are always magnetic to my camera.  These two were so sweet.

We then headed up to East 4th for some pictures on a very busy day downtown.  I love this area to shoot...and to eat.  So many photo sessions are done here that I always try to challenge to use the environment in a way it may have not been used previously.  So in a symbolic gesture I've saved my favorite images from this part of the day as the 4th:)

Shannon and Mary chose the courthouse for their reception.  It looked brilliant.  We did a few pics there before taking a quick limo ride to the lake.

There a few delightful suprises awaiting Shannon at the reception.  One was the personalized elephant cake.  The other was a favorite gourmet dish.  Now as you can see, the food at the courthouse is top-notch, but Shannon has the same weakness as Mat and myself.  We are Chipotle addicts.  Shannon so much so that it was his wedding reception meal.  That type of clever thoughtfulness from Mary is the type of stuff that is going to keep their marriage fun for a long time.

Thank you Shannon and Mary for having me be a part of such a special day.  It was great meeting your families and witnessing your love.  May your marriage always be blessed.  I rejoice with you that you found each other.

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Miranda: Awww the pictures with the Grandma are so sweet!! Congrats to her on almost being 100!!

Liz Foust: Absolutely amazing! The photos are awesome and show so much emotion! I love it!

Michelle: The pictures of Shannon and his grandma, made me get teary-eyed!!! All the pics look great but my favorite is the one of you guys outside the courthouse. Great job Jesse, you were wonderful!!

Genell: The picture of Shannon and his grandma is too sweet! Actually all the pictures are amazing!

kim: These are absolutley amazing! wish I could have been there. They capture every ounce love everybody shared with you all that day. It just oozes from these photos. Love you both <3

Jeff: Great pictures! I didn't even know about Shannon going to visit his Grandma! Very precious! Congrats again Mary and Shannon!

Georgie Bahler: The photos are amazing! The Photographer is very inovative and good. If I were living in Ohio, I certainly would recommend them.

Aunt De and Ken: Wow very touching pics, Shannon I love the ones with your Grandma, and you are so special to have included her this way..amazing pic love them all..Our best to you both..

Robin: OMG what beautiful photos. My favorites are the ones on E 4th. And that first one with Grandma Burns just makes me cry... Congrats for the 1,000,000th times guys!

Aunt Brenda: LOVE, LOVE, Love these pictures!!! So creative and the ones with your grandma, Shannon are priceless!!! I knew you were special and now I can prove it with a picture!!! We love having you in our family!!

Sarah: These Pictures are AWESOME!! I definitely got teary eyed when i saw the ones of them with grandma. I loved the 4th street ones and the first dance! GREAT JOB:)

Maureen: Very special pictures for lifetime memories! I wished I would have taken a picture when Frank & I visited my grandmother in the hospital. Family and friends are very important. Many happy memories as you spend a lifetime together.

Kim McKenzie: The pics are absolutely amazing.. the certainly captured your whole reception!!! I really love the ones with Shannon and grandma!! so precious!! Was so happy to be a part of your day!! I love you guys!!

Erica Brandt: These pictures are amazing! Everything was beautiful and Mary looked gorgeous! Congratulations Mary and Shannon!

Carol Burns: Wonderful! Especially the ones with my mom. I am anxious to see the others.

Tyson: These Pictures came out amazing!! the night ones were my favorite, i really like the one with the traffic driving by.... Congrats to them both! GREAT PICTURES...

Charles Das: Great shots...congrats!

Jonathan Long: These pictures are really cool. You can tell the photographer has a fancy-pants HDR camera, but he also has a great knack for angles and composition. But what's up with everyone's legs being blurry in the east 4th pics? Was that on purpose? Great pics though, best wedding pics I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!)

Erin: Great Pics! Those with Grandma are priceless...

Cherish: Beautiful pictures! They capture the beauty of the day and love between both Mary and Shannon....and also the fun of the event and their families. I am now sorry I missed it, as well as the wedding in OBX!
Congrats again to the happy and wonderful couple.

Cara Gabriel: Lovely! Such beautiful pictures!

Becky Ferris: Best Ohio wedding Ive been to and that is saying something. These pictures are so original and unique. If I dint live in New Jersey I could send you some referrals.

jboone: Funny you say that Becky, Mat and Kristen just had a Jersey Shore wedding a few weeks ago. You can see it on the blog. We would gladly take any recommendations:)