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Ross and Kristen - Married!


We had the pleasure of shooting Ross and Kristen's engagement last summer and the time finally came for us to be a part of their wedding day.  The element of their wedding that was most memorable for me was an abiding sense of peacefulness.  Weddings are stressful events - even though most are full of fun as well.  However, Kristen and Ross  were able to enjoy their day fully while experiencing it in a calm way.  It was so nice for Kristin (my wife - who has an "in" as opposed to the bride's "en")  and I to go through our day shooting with the two of them (as well as the families and friends) without any added pressure.  I am certain this is do to Ross and Kristen's great personalities.

Love this next shot - I have seen a lot of feathers and flowers in bridal headpieces recently and they look great.  Kristin's creates an overall look that was perfectly fitting.

The small rings here were Kristen's grandmother's rings.

The church was insane - it was modeled after a church in France and it made us feel like we were in Europe.

Kristin (my wife) suggested I shoot through this lead-crossed window and I threw in a bit of flash around the corner on Ross and Kristen - and one neat shot was produced - of course this would all be for naught if the love was not there!

the girls did some silly peaking over their flowers...

and the guys must have been jealous and wanted a bit of flower action themselves.

One of my favorites - the photo is nice - but the emotion is very meaningful - I am humbled to be able to shoot things like this and provide a way of remembering such a special time.

the table centerpieces were terrific.

Good luck guys (especially while finishing up your doctorate Ross)!

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Previous Comments

Erik: 1

Joe (Kristens Dad/Rosss Father In-Law): These are great pictures! Mat and Kristin, thank you for capturing the essence of this magical day for us. Kristen and Ross, you are made for each other and these pics prove it!

Cori: Stunning!!!

Sarah: Beautiful album!

Ross Burton: Wow guys! The pics look amazing! I especially like the one of us walking down the stairs of the church with the slight fishbowl effect. And good luck with your schooling too Mat.

Bob and Patty King: Ross, as neighbors who watched in awe of your growth from baby to young, inquisitive man to scholar, to husband, we marvel at how well-grounded you remain. You

Patti Henshawe: I absolutely love the pictures. What a beautiful setting, church and most of all the bride and groom. Ross, I wish my mom (Ann Flaherty) could have seen this moment. She loved you very much. Much happiness and luck in you new life together.

Betty Burton: The wedding was beautiful. Ross and Kristin looked so happy. It is certainly "true love."

The photography on this website was great. Enjoyed the comments too.

We wish you love, laughter, and happiness in your life together.

Frances: Awesome pictures! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Jessica: The pictures are beautiful! Congratulations again to both of you. :)

Ashley: Everything looked GORGEOUS!!!

Congrats guys <3

Deb: Gorgeous pictures! Amazingly beautiful!

Chris Hatala: Great pictures! You guys look so happy :) Best of luck

Dawn Grainer: The pictures are amazing guys! I really like all of the black & whites, especially the one in the church. The boys with the bouquets is one of my favorites, second only to the girls with the bouquets! Everything was wonderful, thanks for letting me be a part of the day! Love you both!

Elleonore Hizon: You guys look soooooooo cute and lovely! :) The pictures are wonderful!!! May your days and nights be filled with love, happiness, peace and success. Congratulations and Best Wishes! ;)

Em: I fell inlove upon seeing these pictures..
It was indeed a very lovely wedding.. <3 <3 <3
Best wishes to you, Kristen and Congrats to your hubby! :)

Sheila C onley: The pictures were stunning. The poses and the mixture of color and black and white were really sensational.

Bob and Patty King: Ross...(2nd try)...As neighbors who watched in awe as you developed from baby to young, inquisitive man, to scholar, and now to husband, we marvel at how well grounded you remain. We especially know you have a good and caring heart and respect for your Mom, Dad and sister Dawn beyond compare. Watching you with Kristen at the wedding, shows she too is well protected and loved by you...and, vice versa we believe. Beautiful, happy wedding. Lovely couple. Best wishes always, with love.

Kristen: These pictures look great! It's my birthday today and this was a really good birthday present! Thanks Matt! - Kristen (the bride!)

JD Petrarca: These are SO beautiful! Thank you Mat and Kristin for all your hard work, the pics are awesome! Kristen and Ross - you're like a wedding cake topper!

JBoone: These are so classy. Happy Birthday Kristen! Your wedding looks awesome.

Shelly: Kristen, congrats again! These pictures are amazing. And they did use the one with the bouquets!! Yay! ~Shelly *bridesmaid

Neil: Beautiful pictures really show the depth of moments

Lisa: Great pictures - what a beautiful bride.

Marge Gambow: Kristen, These are beautiful pictures!!! Really fabulous!!

Sean Bryan: Wonderful pictures of a wonderful event! Such a blessing.

mel: stunning pictures! congratulations!

Miranda: AWESOME pictures!! Looks like such a beautiful and perfect day!! Love the church!!

Joelle: These pictures are gorgeous! Love the style of photography. Everything was so classy and upscale - absolutely beautiful!

greendrakkon: Congratulations man, she's beautiful, and it looks like it was a great wedding, good luck to you both, may the future unfold for you with joy, prosperity, love, hope, and the fulfillment of your dreams.
Love and celebrate each other when times are good and fortunes are high, support and comfort each other when times are turbulent.

Laura: These pics are beautiful! Congrats again!

Jaclyn: These photos are GORGEOUS! I love them! :)