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Rachel and Ryan - Married!


I am no landscape photographer - that is for sure.  It is not that I could not capture a beautiful scenic view - it would not be that difficult given my occupation.  The reason landscapes have little appeal to me compared to portraits of people is the lack of human connection.  I can enjoy a great landscape shot, but the photos that mean the world to me are pictures of the people I love.  It is so neat to think we wedding photographers have the ability to capture beautiful photos of so much emotion on one day.  Looking at Ryan and Rachel's wedding shots I was reminded of all the emotions that Kristin and I were there to capture and to witness.  There was plenty of laughter, silliness, crying, and just about every other true human emotion.    It is an amazing thing to no only see but preserve.  To be reminded of the emotional memories that slip away from us is one of the greatest gifts, and we are honored to be a part of Rachel and Ryan's remembrance.

The boy-band pose to the bottom left is good stuff.

I love this next series.  Rachel's laughter and faces make the shot - the location was not that bad though.

These next shots were not only my favorite of the day - they are up with my top for the year. 

I must tell this next story.  We were catching a few extra shots outside the reception near the golf course and Kristin and I suggested Ryan kiss Rachel's shoulder.  He proceeded to give her some gentle pecks.  Rachel then tells us that the pecks reminded her of her twin baby nieces because they are "nursing" (if you know what I mean - and I think you do).  I of course didn't let that opportunity to question her connection with her husband and a nursing baby - and on came some legit laughter.  It is cool to see the joy captured. 

The entrance were Lebron's jersey was stepped on and the most built groomsmen came in in his wife's dress (she wore his tux) has to win the prize for most entertaining bridal party entrance.

I usually don't put pictures of speeches in the blog, but Ryan's brother describing how he vomits so violently that he breaks the blood vessels in his face if he drinks too much the night before had to be shared.

The next few family shots were so emotional.

I would like to title this next was "drawers".

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Rachel and Ryan Kerr: Thank you for capturing the best day of our lives! We love our pictures!!! :) Matt and Kristen were not only great photographers but also great people to share our special day with.

Nelli: I really loved the ones of her in the window at the castle. So dramatic.

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