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Adam + Stephanie...Married!


Here I sit in my office blogging at 2:30 in the morning.  Yes, there have been some long nights at the office lately.  This has been our busiest year ever.  I'm probably going to have to cut down on the number of images I blog shortly, but for this wedding, there was just no way I was going to be able to do that.  When I left their wedding 10 days ago and walked out into thick Cleveland night air outside the Radisson in Eastlake, my only thought as I opened the door to my car was: "I love those guys."  Adam and Stephanie's wedding would have been a bright spot in anyone's day.  And if the experience solely consisted of photographing them and commemorating their love, it would have been a good day.  But not only did I get to witness the love of a wonderful couple and capture these moments, I also got to spend the day with this great group of people.  The bridal party was awesome and the families.  There were a few pro photographers in the party and a guy who had good ideas, so it gave a real challenge to perform and use my creativity.  Note of honesty: Sometimes the bridal party ideas shots are something I wade through, but this guy really had some sweet creative thoughts.  I love it when people do that.  There is an artist in all of us.  So here is how it started.

This ceremony had such a good vibe to it.  You could just sense the connection between Adam and Stephanie and the support from the families.  They left joyful, but my favorite shots were right when they got through the doors.  A couple real moments to cherish.

After the entry we did some usual family, formal shots inside.  I don't think I've ever blogged formals because they don't show much creativity and are typical.  I do value them however.  I can see how a family picture is very important when you have several generations involved.  This group was so fun that I couldn't help catching a few more candid ones in between the niceties.


Here's where I give credit to the second groomsman down.  Here recommended the stairs and I think it was a mighty fine idea.  At first I wanted to eliminate the cars, but when I saw a few frames I thought they added depth.

Notice: No bridesmaids were injured in the performance of this stunt.

Normally, I wouldn't make your scroll this much...but it might be worth it

Normally I don't blog speeches either, but I had to blog this next picture because I like the words of speech so much.  Stephanie and her Maid on Honor had made a pact with each other early in college to only consider a man who really loved Jesus.  They decided not to play the dating game, but rather to be patient for their soul mate.  I think this is such a good example to society.  Yes, to follow Jesus and his teachings and also to set your standards before you get involved.  Determining our values before we make big decisions!  This could help our generation dodge so many painful mistakes.  We were all pretty sure it was a good choice for Stephanie.  God gave her Adam.

The Dance floor was rocking all night with some sweet moves and epic dance-offs.  Congrats Stephanie and Adam.




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mario and carolyn lombardi: Adam and Stephanie, Wedding of the year and a beautiful start to your lives together.

The world is yours, go and get it.

Love, Mario and Carolyn

Dusty Tenney: These pictures are amazing! You have captured such magical moments. Great work :)

Janice Kalman: These photos are spectacular. I am so blessed to have been able to witness the start of Adam and Stephanie's life together and then to relive the day with your beautiful images. Thank you.

Amanda Nagy: I was going to pick one or two pics to comment on....but once i started I was crying and loved every single one!!! :) these are beautiful pics and they really capture the fun and love from that day!!!

Brittany: These Pictures are amazing! Steph you looked absolutely beautuful! Congrats!

Kellee: Beautiful pictures. Looks like an absolutely perfect day!

Ryan Reynolds: Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

Kevan: Everything Looks Amazing Great Work!
Congrats Adam and Steph

David Castillo: fabulous photos of a fabulous couple - blessings!

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Alesha: Thanks for sharing your special day with us. The pictures are great. I can tell the mood for the whole day. Congrats!!

Jackie: Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

Sandy Bierbaum: Wow. The pastor who officiated your ceremony was really cute! Is he married? Lol! Loved your wedding and the reception. It was such a wonderful day.

Annie Kate: LOVE the pictures :)

Kelli Ridgway: Steph- I was bummed that I wasn't able to make the trip up for your wedding! I love the pictures! You were a beautiful bride!

Allison: You guys looked beautiful the pictures came out fantastic! Im so glad i got to share such a special moment in your guys lives swith you :)

Jessica Kellogg: These pictures are gorgeous and the slight commentary makes them come to life. Beautiful!!

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Lexi Adamo: To Jesse,
Thank you so much for capturing all of these amazing moments you were wonderful and a pleasure to spend the day with.

To Adam and Stephanie,
These pictures are amazing and I am so happy for you guys! I love you both. Thanks again for letting me be apart of your special day!

Teri renfro: The Pics Are Wonderful Steph and Adam.. Congrads, and much happiness to you Both..:)

Lori Barr: Jesse,

You really captured this moment in time and took the time to point out what made Stephanie and exceptional bride in God's eyes. Thank you for seeing so much more than most people.

In friendship,

Lori L. Barr, M.D.

Ellen Ruff: LOVED the photos! You really did capture the amazing vibe of the day. The candids are great. I really enjoyed the blogs that were with the pics. Everyone I've talked to since the wedding has shared the same thoughts . . . they are a couple truly made for each other. (And Danny will be a famous photographer some day! Nice that you took in someone's ideas without being offended!)

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Jessica Blizzard: WOW!!! These pictures are amazing!!!! You guys looked beautiful! :)

Aunt Judy Wilson: These picture just remind me of what we shared at your wedding but remind us about all the great times ahead...when you have great subjects, you get great pictures!

Grandma Vikki: How proud & honored I am to say this beautiful young woman is my granddaughter. Adam, we are so happy to have you as part of our family now.
You both warm my heart with your love for each other. God has blessed you both and blessed me for bringing you into my life. I love you.

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Love the photos - they capture the joy!

Aunt Mim: Spectacular photos of a spectacular wedding! We love you both so much!

Nelli Boone: Jesse, these photos are incredible. So artistic, creative and just fun. I don't know who wouldn't love to have you shoot their wedding!

Adam and Stephanie: Jesse-
The pictures are amazing!!! You captured so many of our favorite moments. Thank you so much- we can't wait to see the rest of them! Thank you so much for celebrating our day with us. It really has been such a pleasure working with you!