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Tiffany + Max married


This is Tiffany.  She got married on a sunny, super hot day in July.  And it was one of the happiest days of her life.  She had a beautiful smile on her face the entire day.  I couldn't have asked for a sweeter couple, Max and Tiffany.  They were full of love for each other, and I was lucky enough to capture it. 

This is a gift from Max.  He had their names engraved into a heart, on a cross with 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  One of the most beautiful expressions of what love is.

This might be my favorite shot of the day...  not because of how it artistically looks, but because this is them.  I look at this and it brings back memories of what I saw that day, how I saw them look at each other.  And I know those of you who are close to Tiffany and Max, you know what I am talking about. 

Tiffany decided that she wanted to get ice cream at Mitchell's ice cream shop.  GREAT idea!  Like I said before, it was extremely hot that day, and it was not only a great photo opportunity, but it was a cold treat for the wedding party. 

If you look close at this, you can see how amazing their eyes are! 

I had my good friend Liz with me as my second shooter.  I love shooting with her, and this shot she took made me love it even more :)

We did these shots at Rocky River park.  The day before, me and Jesse shot the Beirne wedding at the exact same park.  (2 blog posts ago)  I wanted their pictures to be completely different, unique and almost like it wasn't the same place. 

I love the processing of this shot.  I actually got the idea from Jesse's last blog post...  Thanks Jess!

Thank you Max and Tiffany for letting me capture this special day. 



Previous Comments

Max Sherry: What a wonderful job! The pictures are simply incredible. Thank you for being so easy to work with. Such a pleasant experience.


Terry Truitt Sherry: These pictures capture the incredible joy and beauty of that wonderful day. As mother of the groom I couldn

Annie: These pictures are gorgeous! The photographers did an amazing job capturing your special day. I was so blessed to be a part of it. Love you guys!

Lauren: Great photos, Tiff & Max! Youre a picture perfect couple :-)

Megan: Tiff and Max, your wedding turned out beautiful and so did your pictures! im so happy you asked me to be part of your day :)
<3 Meg

kathy: Beautiful day, beautiful pics, beautiful bride, awesome couple!

Amanda: These photos are incredible! They captured the spirit of who Tiff & Max are together and truly reveal their happiness and love for each other. Beautiful!

Angela: Beautiful shots! What a beautiful wedding! Congrats again Tiffany and Max!

Gina Sherry Seaborg: Beautiful photos of my nephew and Tiffany! Aa beautiful ceremony and fun reception! the photos on the beach are magical.

Ann Marie Asp: Amazing photos of my daughter Tiffany and Max.
It was the most beautiful and memorable day that I will hold in my heart forever.

Congratulations Tiffany and Max.!!!!!

Tiffany : Nelli and Liz I really enjoyed working with you both! You had so many creative ideas during the day and it reflects in the images! The pictures are incredible...I especially love the ones on the beach!! Thank you guys for everything!! :)

Jen m: These pictures turned out amazing! I love how the pictures have different photo effects.

Bob (Dad): Max and Tiff,
You are forever captured in the beauty and specialness of that day, not only in our hearts, but clearly on film. The best of love's adventure to both of you.

Melissa (Aunt Missy): OMG these photos are amazing Tiff and Max! Your wedding was truly amazing and I am so happy for the two of you. These pictures were able to capture the love you have for each other. Best wishes!

Nick Meddis: Some of the nicest wedding pictures i have ever seen.

Heather: Tiff and Max,
These pictures are amazing! You both look incredible and so much in love :) I'm happy I was able to share in your wonderful day. Congratulations again!

Jenna Samblanet: These are awesome!!! I

Brad Samblanet: Great Pictures, great day!

Julian: Tiffy and Max
The pictures are great! I had a blast hanging out with you guys that weekend!

Gabbie: Tiffy and Max,
Tiffy you look beautiful and Max looks very handsome! I loved being in your wedding and had a blast with you that weekend!

Eileen Meddis: What wonderful pictures! Tiff - you were the most beautiful bride. Max you are one lucky guy (and pretty cute yourself). I agree with Nick - these are indeed the finest wedding photos I've ever seen. xoxox

Peter Bogus: Fantastic pictures! I was blown away by how well they capture the spirit of the wedding.

Lisa: Gorgeous pictures!! Can't wait to see the rest! Congrats Tiff and Max :)

eva: Tiffany,the pictures I've seen so far are just BEAUTIFUL, as you are. I can't wait to see the rest. Max, you make my niece very happy, as I see in the photographs. There is so much LOVE.

Keith K: Well Im happy you got the 25. Sorry I was late. Its so hard to get thuys attention that we have been scrolling down slowly over 2 weeks enjoying a few of these awesome photos every day. Just got to savor the last ones here. Crosby keeps us super busy. Great photographer too. Looked like ice cream was a great call an it was hotter than saigon. We wish we had been there.

Love you guys


David: I am in love with that photo of her eyes. completely captivating!

Liz: I would have to agree with Nelli about Max and Tiffany, they truly shared a great love for each other. I really enjoyed taking pictures of such a happy pair, thanks guys. :)
Nelli, you always amaze me with the shots that you capture ~ I love the ones you took at Rocky River Park, especially the one of them walking alone high on the ridge. Very romantic.