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Amy and Eric - Married!


Is it just me or has the perception on high school sweethearts getting married changed over time.  At least all the romantic movies of the past I can recall elevated the notion of getting married to your high school sweetheart as a thing to be admired.  Now, however people seem to have a less sentimental perspective.  I am NOT one who has changed.  I have shot a plethora of weddings and a few have been high school sweethearts (like Amy and Eric) and I cannot help but enjoy the love they have for each other.  It might be noted that Amy and Eric have been together through all of college, battling long and medium distances- so their relationship has weathered a few storms so to speak.  All that being said, you can tell in these shots that they are meant for each other.

The pic Amy is showing us is of their first date - Homecoming.

Although this shot deserves a huge canvas to appreciate, It is still appealing here on the blog.  The weather was great and this building was ideal.

Love this next shot of the guys.  They played the part well.

This next one was Kristin's suggestion - it turned out to be one of the best shoe shots we have done.

There were a few nutty fellows at the reception - I guess if you put the stretch chair cover over your body like Casper and dance with the bride - you can make it on the blog.


Previous Comments

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SP: Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Nothing could be more perfect.

KJones: Absolutely stunning!! I love the variety. You guys look like you're having so much fun, he did such a great job of capturing it all.

Cindy Hetrick: fun/great pictures that really showed the feeling of a fun/great wedding! Congrats!

Lisa: Great shots. Congratulations!

David : This is good stuff!! Love the textures! especially the piano keys! MONEY!

Betty Kalis: Wonderful pictures. It brings the day back in a way I didn't expect. Great job.

Becky Nied: Beautiful pictures Amy and Eric!!

Amy: Mat, the pictures turned out better than I could even imagine! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to see the rest of them and I am so excited to have such a great keepsake of our wedding.

Jami: Amy, You looked incredible and so happy on your wedding day! I am so happy for you! Let me know how things are out in Cali :)

Jean: These are all so great! I really like the one of both of your feet, so good job to Kristin. I also love the one of your first dance together! You both look so happy and, Amy, you are such a gorgeous bride. Congratulations again!

Beth: Love these! They

Erica: Wow, these are so cute! So relaxed, so happy, I'm glad they turned out so well.

Joe kalis: You made my little girl look like a princess.
Great job.

Jen Hawes: Perfection! Can't wait for the rest of the album.

Mallory: Amy - you look so gorgeous! He even got your eyes open ;-) This wedding was so much fun, & these pictures brought tears to my eyes all over again! What a great day! :) Congratulations, Amy & Eric!

Eric Sacia: The photos look great! As always, great job!

Lindsey Wrubel-Kaliszewski: What an awesome wedding, Amy was a beautiful bride! I am sorry that we were the misvit table!

Amy B.: So beautiful :) (The bride AND the pictures!!!)

Amy B.: So beautiful :) (The bride AND the pictures!!!)

Lisa Allison: What a great wedding and I love the pics... ok maybe not casper. =)

Alex: Pictures look great. Congrats, you two.

Britt: I'm so incredibly happy for both of you! I'm glad you have such beautiful pictures to remind you your special day :)

Amy Szydlowski: I Love that there is a mix of traditional and contemporary shots. The piano keys with the rings and You on the fire escape are my favorites! You can tell how much in love you guys are! CONGRATS!

Thomas: These paintings are REALLY GOOD. I've always liked the paintings that are super realistic. How long did it take to paint and scan all these in?

Stacey: I love these pictures...very creative! You can really see the love between these two amazing people! I am so happy for you, Amy and Eric :)

Kathy Randolph: You can tell by the pictures that Amy and Eric are meant for each other. It warms my heart to see my precious niece so happy!

Dodie & Steve Sacia: Dear Amy and Eric,
You both looked amazing and so very happy. The wedding was absolutely fantastic with so many friends and family there to share the day. Always remember the love that surrounded you on this special day.
Mom and Dad