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Lindsey and Kyle married


This is Kyle and his guys.  They were up for just about anything, and had a really fun time.  I had a hard time choosing which ones to blog because there were so many!  They were hiding in bushes, hanging on monkey bars, sliding down slides, and doing crazy ninja moves.  But these were a few of my faves from the morning.

We took a lot of just the guys shots and just the girls shots before the ceremony started.

This is Lindsey.  I was so impressed by her.  When I got home, I told this to Jesse too, that she totally expressed herself with how she dressed and presented herself on her wedding day.  Every last detail from the dress to the veil, the shoes, her hair,  the bracelet... everything just showed who she was.  I loved it.

This is Jesse's favorite. 

Jesse processed this for me.  It's like she's running into the woods...  looks like Alice in Wonderland to me!

Here is their reflection outside the reception hall of them looking at their cake.

This had the best dance I think I have ever been to!  It was so fun, everybody dancing and having such a fun time.

Ok, so this is my favorite shot of the day.... I just loved everybody's expression.

Now is top hat was one of the main events at Lindsey and Kyle's wedding.  We had Adam(a groomsman) get it for us in the reception hall.  It was one of the decorations.  We used it for a few props, and it somehow made it's way down to the dancefloor.  It ended being in the middle of the dance floor for the entire evening, being passed from person to person.  It was a blast.

I love it!

Thank you Lindsey and Kyle for having such a fun and awesome wedding.  I enjoyed the day so much, and am so happy to have gotten to know you two.  Enjoy the rest of your lives together!


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Gary Collins: Kyle,

Congrats to you and your gorgeous bride, Lindsey.
You clean-up pretty good yourself.

I hope your Dad also danced with his wife and not just the chair. That was classic! Not the shy cousin that I remember growing up.

I wish you both the very best.

Your Dads cousin.

Amanda: These are great pictures! I love the one of Uncle Doug with the chair. Congrats again!

Aryn: I don't know how you guys will ever choose. All of these pictures are fantastic! She captured everything perfect.

Julee: OMG! These pictures are soo amazing! I went from laughing to crying, but all the while I could not stop thinking about how happy you guys look and I know your life together is going to be indescribable...I don't know many people who are so lucky to marry their best friend and it is so apparent that is what you are to each other! I'm so happy for you both and wish you guys so much more than the best!!!

melissa: Pics are gorgeous! What a great day!!

Grandma Moore: Love the pictures especially the guys on the bridge

Carrie Cuomo: These are beautiful. Congratulations to both of you. Looks like an evening nobody will forget!
Love Carrie C

Linden Coe: I love Kyle & Lindseys pictures. There are so many unique ones. I dont even know which one to say is my favorite.

Marcia Harmych, Mom Hagedorns friend: These are the most beautiful and creative photos I have seen. The snapshot moments, both staged and natural were just awesome. Lindsey and Kyle will cherish these forever.

Brian : AWESOME photos...some of the best ever

Mrs Wendell: Love these pictures. Lindsey the ones in the woods are great. Love ou both.

holly: absolutely amazing pictures! congrats kyle and lindsay!

Mat: Great wedding! Love the bride's netting headpiece. The night shot is my favorite from Finest Moments thus far.

Lindsey: Thanks Nelli!! You guys did a FABULOUS job! We had so much fun working with you all, you really helped to make our day fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Kyle: Nelli, you did such an amazing job capturing the beauty and joy of our big day in such a creative and artistic way. I love the dance pictures, the night shot and especially the pictures of Lindsey in the woods! Your hard work will be enjoyed for a lifetime, thanks again!

Ryan: Awesome pictures. All the dance pics are a riot and all the pics of Kyle and Lindsey are beautiful. Had an awesome time!

Haley: WOW! These pictures are amazing!!! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!
Haley (Lindsey's sister)

Ann: Hands down BEST wedding pictures I have EVER seen! I wish I could get married again and have you guys do our pictures! Amazing pictures, they capture the fun and love of the day, and you captured the amazing couple that they are!

Luke: These pictures are awesome!!! So many different types of shots, my favorite is the reflection with the cake!! Great job!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!!

Ryan: These are awesome......Alice Shot is Fantastic

Rachelle Newlin: Lindsey OMG you look amazing,you too Kyle:) These are hands down, the BEST wedding pictures I have ever seen. Lindsey, you remind me of the Beautiful Movie stars from the 40's. I would have these pictures all over my house!
Congratulations to you both, Rachelle

Jen: Wow. I don't really like wedding pictures...(never even ordered any of my own!) But these are absolutely fantastic!! That dark b&w shot is stunning. Excellent!

Carrie: The pictures are amazing and you all look fantastic!!

Leigh: These pictures are amazing!! So beautiful! Linny & Kyle, I'm so happy for you two!!!

Mom and Dad: These pictures are wonderful! Love all of them, can't wait to see the rest! Best wedding pictures I have ever seen!

Debbie Maurer: The pictures are fantastic! You can really live the moment again!

Kindel : Lindsey- what beautiful photos!! You look stunning :) My favorite photo was the one of both of you on the couch and you are laying across Kyle. Very cute!

Finest Moments- job well done!

Lindsey : Lindsey and Kyle:

Great photos! Loved the reflection picture in the window the best!


Cheryl Lucas: These are beautiful Linds and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you guys on the couch!!! Out of the movies!
Cheryl L

Derek: Hey guys these are awesome. Beautiful pictures. Just really puts the day beautifully into pictures. One suggestion - maybe a little more of Derek! haha, boop![

Matt: Amazing. I knew when they had us doing those crazy creative shots you guys were going to have some really awesome pics...and that's what you've got- wow!