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James + Alexandra Married!


James and Alexandra's wedding was such a classy event.  We did most of the photos at her parents' home in Vermilion.  It was beautiful sunny day, and the location was great.  It also has more of a sentimental feel to it, when you do photos at the family property.  I'm sure each place we chose had some memories attached.

durham NC
wedding photographer

Yes, that's right - a beautiful wedding dress with pockets.

After an emotion-filled ceremony, we went back out to Alex's parent's house for some more shots after the ceremony. 

When we first arrived, David, myself and the girls went out by the lake.  It was really bright out, but there were hardly any other people around.  It was quite the contrast to the beaches near Cleveland on Saturdays.  It was fun and peaceful.  The guys were hanging back at the house relaxing for a while.  I got the feeling that maybe they weren't sure about spending a bunch of time doing photos.  I later learned that some of them had experienced some "cheesy" wedding photographers in the past.  I hoped to shoot down that mantra with a cool guy shot as soon as they came out.  I love photographing guys with their pals equally as much as girls.  I know both guys and girls cherish good friendships and the memories that are attached.  I hope the guys like this next one.  I'm pretty sure they all had a good time.

and so did the girls

The time with James and Alexandra alone afterwards was great.  I'm glad they got to take the moment in alone for a while.

Westwood Country Club was really nice.  The reception featured some great appetizers during a nice long cocktail hour.  Everyone was catching up and having a great time.  We also had the privilege of enjoying the full Jerry Bruno orchestra, which I always enjoy.

Congrats Alex and James!  It was great getting to know you on your special day.



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Previous Comments

Allison: Congratulations Alex & James! Such a beautiful weekend and absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Jessica: Congratulations!!! You two looked amazing and I'm so happy for you both! I wish you many years of love and happiness.

Mikie (Mother of the Bride): Jesse and David,

Great pictures! We are having so much fun looking at them and sharing them with family and friends! We are awaiting anxiously the remaining ones. Can

Cassie Washburn: Alex & James, Sorry we missed your special day! Alex, you look stunning and James, you too look so handsome! Great photos and you were truly blessed with a beautiful day. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos with your Mom soon! Congrats to you both and wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.
Cassie, Van & Taryn Washburn

Biz: A beautiful bride, wedding and pictures!

Debbie Schabel: Finally -- I got to see part of the wedding ceremony! Will look forward to the "popcorn" viewing at Hille's. Beautiful and FUN pictures. May the great party and celebration last for a lifetime!

Nelli: What a classy wedding. And of course I love the fact that her wedding dress had pockets in it. My favorite would have to be the one of the two of together under the big tree with the texture. And I love how you can make guys shots look so cool.

Dimbo: What a great time and a wonderful wedding party. What a fine group of young people, and a wonderful day!!

Brenda M: Congrats to both of you. It looks like you had the perfect day and I'm so happy for you. Alex, you have your mother's smile and bubbly personality. Lucky you!

T H : Great pics!

John Brummitt: Beautiful pictures. Wonderful time.

Uncle John/Aunt Marlene

John: Love the lake photos. Was a really nice day.

Arlene Oley: What an elegant wedding---everything was so top drawer---the locations, the food, the entertainment. What a memorable day and evening. Alex and James are radiant, a gorgeous couple. Thanks for including us. Bill and I had a wonderful time! Love, Arlene (Oley)

David: Alex and James,
What a wonderful day the two of you chose to start your marriage. Mikie and I look forward to many happy and fun times ahead.
Cannot wait for our first grandchild(:
Love ya

Carol Young: Alex, It looks as if you took a piece of the sky and wrapped it around each bridesmaid. What beautiful pictures.....what a beautiful wedding.

Bunky: What a beautiful bride.

Dan: You guys look great!!!

myrta : Loved all the colors!! Especially the bride's bright deep pink shoes contrasting the white dress! Alex you looked just lovely, and James handsome as ever!!

myrta : Loved all the colors!! Especially the bride

myrta: A beautiful wedding! The photos are so picturesque. I'm so happy to have shared it with the two of you. Alex you looked stunning and James that smile!!!

Marie: Woo! Congrats!

Shannon J.: Aww this is super pretty!!! i love all the photos!! really beautiful wedding!! Congratulations!!!

Erica: Alex you look as though your floating on happiness if there is such a thing. Sorry to have missed your special day. Enjoy married life :0)

Barbara Soeder: These photos are absolutely dreamy! Thank you so much for sharing. Our best wishes to you for a lifetime of happy moments and countless blessings!

Those who love deeply never grow old.
-- Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

Ann Cliquet: Alex and James, I love your pictures and can't wait to share them with my parents. What a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception --so happy for you two!

Mary: I love the photos - beautiful!! Such a fun weekend and so happy to be part of it!

Wags: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... what a special day and what great pics! Everything was gorgeous and the pics are amazing! love you guys. :)

Jill: Congratulations Alex! You looks so beautiful and happy. I especially love the picture of James kissing your head at the front of the church right after you were married. So cute!

Best wishes,

Corinne: Alex, you look so beautiful! It looks like it was an absolutely perfect day!

We miss you tons and congratulations!!

jen: congrats alex! wags sent me the link and i'm so glad she did. what a beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful pictures. best wishes for a wonderful life together!

Gail Davis: Alex - You look absolutely beautiful. The dress is gorgeous including the pockets. The weather was perfect. You could not ask for a better day. God has blessed you both. Now go out and enjoy your new life as Husband and Wife.