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Chris and Sharon Engaged!


I've shot more engagement shoots at this park than anywhere else.  Every one has been special.  This evening with Chris and Sharon was no exception.  Nelli and I have been trying to shoot together more often this year, and probably even more in 2011.  We've shot separately with our awesome associate photographers for a long time, so when we get a mid-week session when we're not both booked, we love to shoot it together.  This felt like a fun "date night out" for us.  Let me show you why.

We love taking photos together, so a midweek session is like a date for us where we get to be creative and get to know other couples.

This is where I passed the camera to Nelli.  Can you see what Chris has behind his back?

I love it when Nelli and I can combine our perspectives on a shot like this. 

I think I found my favorite, but it was a tough choice.

I don't think I'm the only one.

I was so happy to be able to be able to shoot with Nelli that I had to post a photo of her as the intro to what soon became one of our best engagement sessions ever.  It was wasn't Nell? " Yes, It was Jesse."  Yes, Nelli says hello.  We sit here together editing photos, designing albums into the wee hours of the night.  She actually just brought me some jalapeno/garlic stuffed olives to give the little pick-me up I need.  Was it not the best ever Nelli?  "I think your last shoot is always your favorite." Yes.

Now for more of the most adventurous couple I know.  These two took some dangerous steps for these shots with us.  No broken cameras and several smiles later it was well-worth it.

Can't wait for this wedding!



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Previous Comments

Abby: I really like these photos. Interesting engagements photos!! I love how they laugh together. What a nice couple!

Ann: Sharon and Chris these photos are beautiful! Can't wait to see the wedding photos. =) Congrats on everything.

Brooke: Wow what neat photos. I'm down in Olmsted Falls all the time and yet this place looks so different in these photos. Love how her eyes pop!

Sarah: I love the pictures of Sharon and Chris with the flower!

Megan: I love the first photo of them it is my favorite! Cute stuff =)

Chris: Great Job with the pics! We love them!

Robin Gnizak: Oh my gosh! These pictures are just incredible. The love and joy for each other just shines through the camera

mark laudatoo: Awesome pics...

Josh: Those pics are really great. Congrats again you guys!

Chelsea: These are so beautiful! You guys are so cute together!!

Mom: OMG Love them, you two are so great for each other!!

Chris: Thanks for all the comments!!!

Meghan: These are beautiful!!!

Meghan: Sharon, I love your face when he shows you the flower...it's adorable!!!

Meghan: Your eyes are so beautiful Sharon!!

Steve: These are so beautiful that I can hardly wait to see the wedding photos! Best of luck to you both.

Sharon: Love the photos! I am so excited to have you photograph our wedding!

Mat: The far away shot with them at the falls is my favorite.

Mom: Sharon and Christopher, What a nice surprise! How beautiful and different! Love them!! Some great "Finest Moments"of you and Christopher! I can

Mom: hardly wait for your wedding! Love Mom

Lesa: Sharon, you are as beautiful as I imagined. Congrats to you and Chris on you upcoming marriage and on these wonderful pictures!

Erin: How beautiful! Love what they did with the flower! Can

Chris C: Looks like it was fun! My favorite is the first flower close-up!