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Hillary + Kevin * Married!


Reflecting back on Hillary and Kevin's wedding, I am reminded how much they were a perfect fit for each other.  The day was, like most weddings, a bit stressful at times.  Not more than usual or anything and Hillary and Kevin didn't seemed phased in the least, but the point I wanted to bring out here is how happy they were once they were together.  If you look at the photographs there is an obvious sense of joy in their faces when they look in the other's eyes.  It does not get old for me to capture these thing for each couple.  As the years go by, we wish Kevin and Hillary many more moments like this.

Kristin edited this next pic (actually she edited a lot of these) and I must say she did an outstanding job.

The bottle to the bottom right contains a poem that Kevin wrote for Hillary.

Kevin is in the Coast Guard and we were able (for a moment until the sirens started blaring) to get some shots at the Cleveland station.  The boat closest in the pics was the boat that Kevin was trained on and has, as you might imagine, special significance to him.

It was right when everyone was on the boat here that we had to hurry off because there was an alarm.  It all worked out fine though.

I love this next shot.

You have to love Elvis and his bride.


Previous Comments

jboone: Love the bubble shot and many others. Great looking wedding

Nelli: Super job Mat and Kristin. I love the textured pictures, especially the message in a bottle picture. I love the shots with the sun rays, so dreamy! And the shot with them in the bottom right and the willow tree in the background might be my favorite. I think I always like that shot that you guys do :)

Amy: These came out soooo well! Perfect pictures for a perfect couple :)

Lynn: These pictures are beautiful! I love all the effects. Great work!

christie: how beautiful. I really wish I had been there to see it all. The pictures are great.

Larissa: Very pretty wedding. Congrats:)

Scott: Nice photographs! I was very impressed by Matt's professionalism and dedication. There are some fantastic shots in here! Made me tear up a couple of times, and I didn't even do that at the wedding.

Meghan Furlong: Wow these pictures are awesome they should be in a magazine since the couple are so photogenic they should both be models.Congrats to Hillary and Kevin. Thank you for let us share your special day with you

Caitlin: These pictures are so beautiful! Excellent job!

Pat Joyce-Deegan: AWESOME, Beautiful children!! Beautiful photographs, as a portrait artist, I really appreciate your photos, composition and lighting.

Greg Porter: Wow!! Fantastic pictures. Great memories of a wonderful day!

Hillary: Kevin and I absolutely love all of these pictures. They are perfect! We had an unbelievable day. Mat and Kristen were so great to work with, very wonderful people. Thank you so much for contributing in making our day one of the most unforgettable days of our lives.

And thank you to everyone who has posted all the kind words!

Kyra: These pictures are really beautiful! I think you picked the perfect photographer. Congratulations on your new life together!

Linda: Mat and Kristin amazing pictures. Very beautiful bride and very handsome groom. You captured the love these two have for each other in these pictures. I love these pictures!!!!

Amy Woody: Those pictures were AMAZING. So beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes. Except for the one where Kevin is posing like Captain Morgan. That one made me giggle :P

Nicole: What a perfect day and the photos show that!!! ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!! :)

Arlene: Beautiful photos. Love the photo with Hillary laying her head on the back of Kevins shoulder under the tree.

Kristen: Unbelievable pictures... made me relive all the loving moments that we all were able to share!

Patrick: Sorry I was late! What a great day! Congratulations!!

Gloria aljabouri: Very beautiful pics and good closeups. Love the changes of scenery and the pic of the cake and flowers. Good job and much happiness to the couple.

Tinasha: Breath taking!! Hillary you were beautiful!!! Congratulations!!

Beryl Morron: Beautiful wedding - beautiful people - beautiful photos - you

Audrey : What beautiful pictures! Dennis and I had such a nice time at your wedding. It was so beautiful, and it was a perfect date for us. You are a beautiful couple. These pictures truly capture your love for each other.

Kevin: Mat & Kristin, you guys were AMAZING the entire day. We are so happy with how these pictures turned out! You guys truly captured all of our happiness and love and now we will have these memories in photos for the rest of our lives!! Thank you so much, your art is BEAUTIFUL!

Jean Gartner: Your pictures are beautiful and I wish you a life of joy and happiness.

Miranda: These photos are absolutely beautiful just like the whole occasion was, I can

Diane: Pictures are beautiful, just like the ceremony,and Kevin and Hillary

Noreen: Absolutly gorgeous pictures that truly captured the joy of the day!