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Jen and Chad - Married!


I must confess something.  I have for a while thought of photography as a form of art somewhat below other forms like painting or songwriting.  This might be a bit weird coming form someone who is a photographer and could not paint his way out of a box, but in another way it makes sense.  Most people I assume are like me, always drawn to envy what someone else can do.  Yet it is important to recognize each person has his own talents - and they need not be compared to one another.  So here is the art that Tiffany and I have created.  Art that is centered around the greatest of subjects - two people in love committing their lives in marriage - Jen and Chad.  As you will see in the photographs there are times of laughter and great joy - times of silliness  - and times of great passion.  To Jen and Chad - we do not simply wish you years of this love - but more importantly, we wish you every moment of live embraced by this love.

The ring bearer would only agree to walk the aisle if he could go as a superhero - so he was the coolest ring bearer I have ever seen.  His cape is below.

I love the pic to the bottom right.  Kristin did a great job editing.

You can't tell from these photographs outside, but this was the hottest most humid day I have ever photographed.  It was literally like a sauna.  That being said, everything went well and Jen and Chad had a great time.

The bracelets and the rings were a gift from Jen and they are terrific.

The girls were cooling off Jen and I caught them!

Jen took me to this next location and I was so into it.  Pillars are the best!

One of my favorite shots of the day.

I love this next group shot.

I think this actually is my favorite of the day.  Jen was not posing for this picture, she was simply loving her time dancing with her husband.  I was super lucky!

These next shots have a story.  Jen's best friend since childhood caught the bouquet, and what turned out to be a nutty affair - Jen's dad caught the garter....so you can imagine that it made for a humorous remounting of the garter.



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Jen Jurisch: I LOVE the pics!!!!!! I can

Colleen Sadie: looove your photos! they are absolutely fabulous!!

MOM and MICK: The photos are awesome, can't wait to see the rest. Finest Moments did a great job, memories last forever and the photos will be cherished with the memories.

Nelli: My fav is the group shot in the columns. I REALLY want to know how you processed the bridesmaid dresses/superhero shot... I love it. The reception shots are awesome too, I like the swagging lights that were on the ceiling, that added such a great element for the photos!

Lyndsey: Just Fabulous!!!!!!!! I love love love the pictures! I can't wait to see the rest! BEAUTIFUL!