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Jack is One


When Charles called and asked me to shoot his son Jack's first birthday at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Cleveland, I knew it would be a memorable experience.  You see, Jack is the only grandchild, on both sides, so he is a very special boy.  Over 30 people came out to celebrate with little Jack.  It all started out with casting lots on which occupation you thought that Jack would pick.  It is a Korean tradition that on the child's first birthday, they are to pick what they will become... and that involves crawling and grabbing an object from the table.

Everything was planned so beautifully.  The room, the tables, balloons, the cake (which was amazing), and here they had this table set up in honor of Jack.  Esther, his mother, made these end pieces.  They were covered in beans and individually glued on.  She had worked on them for several nights. 

This was quite the Birthday cake!

Traditional Korean food:

Esther and Charles... Jack's lovely parents.

And here is Jack with his grandmother. 

Here he is with his nanny.. oh, and his silver spoon!

He changed into this traditional Korean outfit:

He is about to pick...

What is he pointing to?

What a loved little boy.  It was a wonderful experience to share with you.  Happy Birthday Jack.

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Previous Comments

Albert: Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing

heather gornik: What a gorgeous family and such a fantastic day. It was wonderful to share the day with you.

On an aside note, these photos are gorgeous! I think they belong in Korean Life magazine.

Se Joon: Happy Birthday Jack! Im impressed that he kept his hat on. Ahhh food looks great! Congrats Charles and Ester!!

malsoon: I saw Jack trying to get that abbacus or was it the doctor

yoke: Nice pictures and party. beautiful family .

yjc: wow. this may be the nicest dohl i've ever seen. happy birthday jack, you are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Kyung Paik: It was a very special day for lovely Jack and his parents,Charles and Esther including all his family. We are so blessed to have Jack as our grandson. What a pictures!!!
The pictures is so beautiful and gorgeous that I wish that these pictures are to be put on in Korean and American famous life megazines.

Excellent Job! Charles and Esther.

Michelle Kang: Jack is such a beautiful, blessed boy! Great pictures guys! We love you Jack-Jack!!!

Sharoni: Happy Birthday Jack! Such a handsome little boy. I think you will be Dr. Jack Paik!! These photos are wonderful. A grand party.

Charissa Kaczorowski: AMAZING!!! Such a wonderful day for Jack! The photos are magnificent, with such vibrant color!
Thanks for sharing such a personal day.

Steve Kaczorowski: Thanks for sharing your pictures and video. Happy Birthday Jack! You are special!

Nellie Shirley: Beautiful affair. Great colors ,wonderful photos of Jack and his beautiful family. What great memories for you on your first birthday. May God Bless with a long,and prosperous life.
I work with Sue Kim

Davin Williams: Happy Birthday Jack!!

Ray B.: Senghil chukah hanmida Jack.
Happy Birthday Little guy.

What a beautiful family.

michael cannadday: It is very ineresting to see the Korean culture. It looked like a wonderful party with lots of joy and love

melissa moyer: Everyone looked so happy to celebrate Jack's 1st birthday. the dresses were beautiful.

leslie: Will this appear on Martha Stewart Magazine?

GLADYS: Jack is such an awsome baby! His parents are certainly lucky.Enjoy him!



Julie H.: These pictures belong in a magazine! What a beautiful family...

Lydia: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures! I

Soon Paik: They are the wonderful pictures and heartily memorable ones, especially to me as Jack

Uncle Jake: Love the Wong Daddy Momma Picture #16. Straight P.I.M.P.! Love ya Neph and Sis...and you too charles. :)

Scott Kim: man, he

Yon Kim: What a great moments and Pictures!

Love all pictures.

The cuttest baby in whole world ,My baby,JACK.

MaMa side grandma, Susie.

joey kim: i want my next birthday at the ritz too! can i borrow jack's headpiece?

RDL: Wonderful family, great friends, excellent party :) Happy Birthday little Jack! We can't wait for your 2nd year!