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Tim + Jen


We've had a lot of great weddings to photograph this year and Timothy and Jen's was no exception.  It was celebration of Tim and Jen's love with their closest friends and family at a beautiful location on a gorgeous day. 

This is the aisle that Jen would soon walk down to for their ceremony under the stone gazebo.  The Oaks on Chippewa Lake is one of my favorite places for weddings because of it's great setting and super helpful and friendly staff.  It's perfect for an intimate one-location wedding such as Timothy and Jen's.

Jen and Tim began by getting ready to meet each other under another beautiful structure of pillars at the Oaks.

This is the spot we chose for them to see each other for the first time...  Tim is waiting.

Their ceremony under the sun was very personalized, which I thought was great.

Right after the ceremony we got a few more shots of Jen with her long-time best friends and Tim with his skiing buddies.  Talking with Tim and his pals about their adventures made me miss the steep elevations of the Rockies with my snowboard underfoot.  I think I might have to make a winter getaway this year.

It was finally time to get Kirby and Ripley involved a bit more.  I think they enjoyed the sunset stroll.

It was a great day.  To be a witness and to have the opportunity to capture the beauty of Tim and Jen, their wedding and the love they share was special.  Congrats to you both!

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Tonya: Your pictures are sooo lovely. Love the one with you guys holding the dogs. I hate my wedding photographs now.I have never heard of this photographer. I want to have my wedding all over again...what a gorgeous day you guys had!xo. You look beautiful!

Brad: amazing photos! Most unique wedding pics I have ever seen.

Kate: gorgeous! couldn't have asked for better photos!

deanna: love the pictures! they really captured the beauty of it!

Catie Reeve: Everything looks beautiful!

april: wonderful photos! they really capture the beauty of the moment!

Mary: The photos captured your love and your closeness. Beautiful!

Evan: What a wonderful day this was, I had an amazing time. These pictures are proof of the beauty and pure love that was witnessed that day by all in attendance. Congratulations Tim and Jen!

John Fellenstein: Great photos! Jen and Tim, congratulations!
Lori and John

Mallory: This day was just beautiful and super special and I think the pictures are just as great! Congratulations!

Ran: Fantastic photos! Tim + Jen = a "Ten" on the perfect couple scale! Thank you guys so much for having me at the wedding!

Nelli: I love these pictures. They really capture the spirit of the entire day. Jens hair was such a beautiful red. The children were fun. The dogs were interesting. The location was perfect. Tim was adoring his bride. The friends were loving. And Jesse, these pictures are great! I love how you see things. The pictures of them when they first saw each other are incredible. The 2 when they are on the right side of the frame and you have shadows of the trees in the left are so artistic. You truely are a master of fine art. :)

mom: You look so beautiful, but I am a little biased. The pictures are amazing but only capture a fraction of the love throughout the day.

Emilee: Beautiful pictures!! So happy for the two of you!! Congratulations!!!

Emily: Seriously, some of the best wedding photos I've ever seen! You have so many amazing options - everything and everyone looks awesome!

Carrie: Lovely wedding and great photos! I particularly like the one of Ripley with the flowers.

Cheryl Riegger-Krugh: I have loved Tim since day 1 and I really mean day 1. His Mom was one of my life