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Rob + Melissa Married!


When Nelli and I first arrived to the Blue Heron for Rob and Melissa's wedding, we were very impressed with everything.  Inside and outside there was so much opportunity for great photos.  That opportunity seemed much greater as soon as we met up with Rob and Melissa.  They had that fun, layed-back attitude that assured us - this was going to be good.  We started off with a few shots of Rob with his son Sebastian and the guys together. 

Melissa was getting ready just down the hall.

This was my favorite moment of a day filled with finest moments.  They decided to see each other before the ceremony and it was surely a special moment for them.  I think this is the moment when a bride and groom really are hit with the reality of the day.   And it's always a blessing to see the excitement of two people knowing and realizing that this is the person I'm going to be with forever and I'm sooo glad.

My fave

We then headed out on a multi-cart journey through the beautiful Blue Heron golf course.  The guys had challenged it earlier in the day, and from what I hear, it was probably much kinder to them for the photo session.

We started to get a little rain, so the umbrella came out for a few portraits.  The sky looked foreboding at times, but rather than drenching us it merely supplied us with a wonder backdrop for photos.


On our way back we got lost for a few minutes, but I found it quite enjoyable.  Even though we were tad short on time we made a stop in the Tunnel of Love, which was well worth it.  I hope you catch my Dire Straits reference there because that's what I'm listening to right now.

And once again this year, the rain held off just long enough for a beautiful outdoor wedding.

After the ceremony we took a detour to the reception through the kitchen to get a few fun shots of Chef Rob tantalizing Melissa with his new recipe.

Everyone had a blast at the reception; especially Rob and Melissa.

And finally, there were plenty of daring dance moves...

Congrats Rob and Melissa.  It was a wonderful evening.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with you and your closest friends and family. 


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