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Amy and Josh Married..


Amy and Josh were married on a gorgeous day in September.  The weather couldn't have been any more pleasant, and the emotion and excitement of the day was contagious.  You see, Josh is in the Army and just returned from Afghanistan.  He was there for over a year and has been back just about a month.  You could just feel the emotion with every reunion that was made that day. 

Amy was vibrant.  In every glance at Josh, you could see her overflowing with excitement for him. 

Josh had given Amy a gift to open the morning of the wedding.  As I watched her unwrap the package, it was if she was slowly taking in each second that passed.  She talked to her bridesmaids of Josh, and with each sweet thing she said, her excitement was growing.  When she finally unwrapped the gift and gently opened the box, she exploded with sheer joy! 

A beautiful necklace that would have sentimental value. 

This is Josh.  He had such a quiet presence about him, but with every smile that stretched across his face, you could tell he was captivated.  As I look back at the day, I think every encounter he had with friends that day, he would take in every moment and be truly thankful for that acquaintence.

Amy's dress was fabulous!  She couldn't have picked a better dress for herself.  It was made for her!

I love how they looked at each other.  I think I saw this same look about a hundred times that day!

Married!  This was my assistant Caroline that took this shot.  She told me it was her favorite of the day.

Josh had all his buddies that were deployed with him, to be there on his wedding day. 

They were close friends that had fun!

Underneath Amy's beautiful dress were some pretty amazing heels...

We did some artistic shots in Oberlin.  This is one of my favorite places to shoot.

Josh was so sweet, he would carry Amy so she didn't have to walk!

Then we headed to Schoefle gardens.  This is such a gorgeous and amazing garden. 


like a fairy tale...

Now I had to add all these shots with the red leaves because they are my favorite.  They were so happy to be together.

The reception was right on the lake.  How about the knife or sword that they used to cut the cake!

At sunset, they had a relaxing boat ride around the lake and by Cedar point.  It was surreal.

Their first dance.  This was so full of emotion and love that I was crying!  It was so beautiful to see them together. 

double rainbow all the way?? :)

Thank you Josh and Amy, your parents friends and family for letting me spend the day with you.  It was a day I won't forget.  It was truly amazing.



Previous Comments

danny: love the pictures the sword cake cutting was really neat!!

Jennifer Watts: The pictures are incredible and I love the blog! Nelli, you all did a fabulous job in capturing those unforgettable moments and we can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Thank you, thank you!
Amy's mom

Ashlee : You guys are one cute couple! What a beautiful day it was and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. These pictures are perfect and I can't wait to see the rest! Great job girls...you definately are real pros!

mike: amazing and beautiful pictures

mike: amazing and beautiful pictures

Diane: Absolutely wonderful - the day, the dress, the bride and groom, the ceremony, the cake, and the best pictures I've ever seen!

Dolf: Great shots!

I was so happy to be there!

Sally: Great pictures!!! It was so nice to see how you were able to capture Josh and Amy on their special day. I really enjoyed seeing their wedding.

Heather: Stunning photos! Congratulations Amy & Josh!

Bobbie Broske: Beautiful pictures and a wonderful time. I enjoyed the blog. You truly captured all of my family in a loving way. Thank you, Joshs Mom-Bobbie

Amanda: These pictures are great! My favorite is the one of you two reflected over the water at the park! That is definitely a blow up, hang on the wall picture!

Pamela Schmid: Absolutely gorgeous pictures and the wedding was spectacular.

erica: wonderful pictures...you two make a beautiful couple. enjoy everyday like it was the first cause the time go by so fast. congratulations again......scott and erica

Jackie: Amy you looked soooo beautiful!! I love the shots of you and Josh in shots from Schoefle. And she's right that dress was MADE for you!

Lindsay: These photographs are simply breath taking! Amy and Josh look beautiful together - such a handsome couple!
Nelli, your work is fantastic: every shot was just gorgeous!! The blog is a really nice way to see the progression of such a precious day.

Lindsay: These photographs are simply breath taking! Amy and Josh look beautiful together - such a handsome couple!
Nelli, your work is fantastic: every shot was just gorgeous!! The blog is a really nice way to see the progression of such a precious day.

Brenna: These pictures are absolutely amazing! I love the boat ones! I'm so happy that those people agreed to take them out! I can't wait to see the rest of them.

Congratulations to Amy and Josh! And, thank you for allowing me to be apart of it with you! I had a blast!

Sara Hasley: Simply wonderful! So happy & sweet!

Rosalee (Amy's Cousin form Maine): Is that Little Amy? OMG She is so beautiful. And the picture are absolutely stunning. I love it.

Lindsey: BEAUTIFUL photos! Great job ladies!

Amanda Swanson: These pictures are truly breath taking....you captured each moment so wonderfully. Congrats to Amy and Josh again, and thank you for letting me be there to experience this day with the two of you!