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Dan + Holli Married!


I've had two quite remarkable experiences with Dan and Holli this year.  Their engagement session was super fun, leaving me with drive-time smiles all the way home. Their wedding was...well let me put it this way - If this blog post doesn't make you smile you're way too grumpy:)  The day started off with plenty of humor as one of Dan's groomsman arrived ready to go.

There didn't seem to be any nervousness.  I would say that Dan and Holli were both super ready to see each other and spend the rest to their lives together.

Holli was super excited to get the dress on.  I think she mentioned it as "the best part of the day".  But I think looking back we would all say that the day just kept getting better.

This is surely my favorite toast in a long time.

Only to be followed up with the one of the better sips I've witnessed.  Someone encouraged me to catch the guys doing this, but you'll have to wait for that one.

Meanwhile, we have some guys ready for the big event

There are certain moments in weddings that are so captivating to me.  I've shot nearly 100,000 wedding photos this year and Mat and Nelli add a lot to that number, which I individually observe.  There are a couple moments that always capture my attention in a special way.  You see, I have three daughters: Alicia, Lydia and Zoe.  I could never express in words what each one means to me and I can't imagine the moment I hand them away to another man.  When I looked at this photo I understood why Holli's dad was so happy.  Dan is the type of man that a father not only approves of, but that a father is joyful to embrace in such an emotional stage of life.  Not only that, Holli and her father had such a great father daughter dance song.  Someone please comment with the name of that song.

Though I would describe the overall vibe of the day as fun, it did have it's share of pure masculine power....

Once he had lifted the boulder above his head for a while, Dan and Holli exchanged a pleasant gaze....

If you can do it with champagne, you can do it with perfectly timed breaded cheese sticks.  Agree!

It's good to even watch someone enjoying such timely appetizers.

Well obviously this was fun.  Holli and Dan are my clients, but more importantly; they became my friends.  I wish them the best and I have no doubt their lives together will be fill with joy and fulfillment.  I want to take pictures of them again someday.  Actually, I'm quite tired of losing so many awesome couples once the disc and album are delivered, so I'm going to try my best to shoot as many anniversary sessions as I can in the next few years.  Couldn't it be an opportunity to re-ignite?  Photos are art.  Photos are memories.  Photos are powerful, significant moments that benefit every stage of life.  They can express initial love and hopefully help maintain that love for a lifetime.  Dan and Holli - you have inspired me and I love you and your families.  Thank you for who you are.


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Previous Comments

Annette Helda: Love your dress Diane!!!

Bette Widdows: These pictures are the best Ive ever seen. Along with the personality of the photographer, the scenery and emotions are superb. Thanks for a great job.

michael ritzenthaler: Your photos really captured the essence of the day. Thank you very much.

michael ritzenthaler: Your photos really captured the essence of the day. Thank you very much.

Nelli: What a beautiful post, a beautiful couple and beautiful pictures. :) Good stuff Jess.

Valerie Ritzenthaler- the Momma!: I loved the photo session and especially your narrative! What a fantastic selection of photos to share memories. Thanks so much.
Val & Steve Ritzenthaler

Rebecca Camelio (mother of my beautiful Holli): I have never seen a more beautiful Wedding, and these photos just capture the love and beauty of the entire event! WOW...FANTASTIC PHOTOS! Love, Momma

Gina Milkie: These pictures are amazing! Wow! I love them!

Holli: The song is Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III and I cried everytime I listened to it except for during the dance...I couldn't stop smiling all day!
Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! You not only captured the moments of our wedding, you truly captured us. You're the best.

Tracey Kuhn: What a beautiful day...captured beautifully on film. Great job with the photos! Although we could not be there, the pictures certainly convey the excitment, warmth and love felt by everyone on that day.
Tracey and Chris Kuhn

Judy Muhn: Great photos that really captured the day!

David Ritzenthaler: love the pics!

Michele: congratulations again and great pictures

Dawn Painter : Great wedding-everything was so well done- Love the pictures. You guys looked like you really had a lot of fun!

Diane & Dad: We were thrilled to see these gorgeous pictures! Jesse is a phenomenal photographer- he has such a talent for capturing unique moments and images-we loved them all and can't wait to see more! Spectacular!! Love, Diane & Dad

kip & Barbara:
The pictures really caught the Happiness and excitement of the day. Great job! Love from Florida.

Aunt Carole/Uncle Dave: We honestly can't remember a more beautiful wedding. You both reflect the true meaning of what marriage is all about. May this be the sadest day of your life together.
We love you both!

Rich & Cindy Cardamone (aunt & uncle}: Pics were great. You could not ask for a more perfect day and a perfect new couple!

Dan : These pictures are absolutely amazing! We had the best time and couldn't be happier to share it with everyone. We have such great family and friends. And to Jesse and his entire crew...THANK YOU, and we can't wait to see all the snapshots of the day!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Pete : What a wedding I do not believe you missed out on a thing the perfect day .The picture are breathe taking .

Elaine Fitzthum: Beautiful pictures. Mark and I had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon :) You both looked so happy !

ellen bullard: beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

Erin Lang: I had so much fun and I love the pictures!!! Cant wait to see more!

Aunt Suzie and Uncle Paul: Oh,Shoot! We missed such a good time! The photos are beautiful and fun. Happy Life!
With love,
Aunt Suzie and Uncle Paul

Melody: Holli,
Your mother shared your wedding pictures with me as she is so proud of you and your new husband. The pictures are just gorgeous and it looks like you guys had a great time. Congratuations.

Suzy Chapple: Holly and Dan, thanks for sharing the pictures. You both look great and so happy. It looks like it was an amazing wedding. Sorry that I was not able to be there. Best Always, Suzy

Kath & Joe: Diane & Benny- thanks for sending us the link and sharing how we could look at ALL the pics- you guys look fantastic, the bride was a stunner and everything looked beautiful-congrats!

Shannon: Diane- so glad you sent a link for us to see these- so lovely!

Lee: Di & Ben (and your daughter and new son-in-law!)- loved seeing the day in pictures- thanks for sharing the link!

Tim Christie: looked like a once in a life time event!!!!!!!

Michelle LiButti Masceri: Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple!