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Laura and Brent married


After the first time I talked with Laura over the phone, I knew that her wedding day was going to be special.  I met her early at her parents house.  They have several acres of beautiful fall colors right behind their house.

We hung her dress on her parents new back patio.  Her mom was pretty proud of it!  And one of her bridesmaids bought her this hanger that has "Mrs. Laura Long" bent in the wire.

Laura let me know that her "something new" was her kate spade shoes, her "something blue" was her dad's hankie, her "something old" was her grandmother's ring she wore as a child, and her "something borrowed" was her mother's colors from her wedding years ago.

Here she is getting ready with her bridesmaids.  They told me they were all high school friends.

Just last July, her parents had a litter of kittens in their backyard.  These 2 cuties are Laura and Brent's.

We headed out to the backyard and had tons of great photo's, with this time of year, the colors are so vibrant.  Fall weddings are so pretty :)

After we finished with the girls, we went to the church and got a few shots of the guys.

I shot this wedding with Tiffany.  She shot this of the girls waiting for the ceremony to start.

Brent and Laura were so excited to be married.  I love the look that they both had when they saw each other for the first time.  So absolutely priceless.  I can just imaging that they will look back at these next two photo's hundreds of time in the next decades to come and remember the feeling they had that day.

After the ceremony, we went to the Copper Top golf course for some artistic shots. 

While I was shooting these group shots, Tiffany was able to zoom in and capture these close up ones of them.  I love them!

Almost everyone happened to have their date with them!

These next ones with the leaves in the background are my favorite.  I hope you(Brent and Laura) like them too.  They told me that Fall was their favorite time of year.  They didn't want it to be too hot, and they really had a perfect day.  You know the day you feel the crispness of fall, but the sun is out and still warming you?  It was a perfect day.

They had a sweet and simple reception... but full of love for each other, friends and family.

It was great getting to know you guys.  Your day was precious.



Previous Comments

Josh Long: These photos were a blast to be a part of and they turned out amazing!

Marilyn Grigger (MOB): How beautiful! It was so much fun to relive the day. I loved the ones of the girls back in our field and of course the kitten shots!! Thanks so much!

Melissa Grigger: These are wonderful! There are so many great ones to choose from!

Mickey Pickering: The pictures are beautiful. What a lovely couple.

Laura Long: Nelli and Tiffany-you were a joy to work with,thanks for capturing the love and joy of our day! These pictures are stunning and we can't wait to see the rest!

Jamie Amsler : The pictures are gorgeous! Everyone looked great! Congrats and & Best Wishes to Laura & Brent. Kudos to the photographers. Job Well Done!!

Brad Stock: The pictures look great. I especially like the chest bump, karate kicks and the fall color back drop.

Dad Long: What great pictures! A beautiful bride, handsome groom. Love the ones with the kittens....lol.

Jen Norman: The photos were awesome.You guys looked so good.I love the kitten pics and the ones of the ladies in the field,that was very cool.

casey long: umm brent i think my ninja kick is the illest ... on the other hand the pictures of laura and the kitten worked out very well...


Dana Pickering: The pics are beautiful. Congrats to both of you again!!

Meredith Dobberfuhl: These are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Allie Long: The pictures brought back great memories of sharing your special day!

Amy Tessendorf: What amazing photos to capture a truly beautiful day! It was wonderful to relive this special day for Laura and Brent all over again! :)

Mariesa Stock: Your wedding was beautiful, and these pictures definitely captured that! My favorite of course are the ones with the kittens :) Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Linda Long (Mom): BEAUTIFUL! Pretty much says it all.

Monika Brodman: I loved the shots on the golf course and of course the kitten shots! Such totally fabulous pictures!

Megan Perkins: Everything looked beautiful Laura! Congrats to you and Brent!

Michelle: OMG I cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous these pics are!! Beautiful shots for a beautiful couple!! AWESOME!!!!!

Sandy Coletto: What beautiful pictures of your wedding day! You both look very happy. Look back at these pictures often and remember that special day when you began your life together. Congrats and best wishes Mrs. Coletto

Ryan Brodman : Great day and great pictures! My fav. is definitely the guys jumping in the air. They look like ninjas! :)

Lisa Giauque: The 2 of you look so adorable together! I loved so many of the pics, that it is hard to chose 1 or 2. The photographers did a great job coming up with some poses that you don't normally see. These pics will be something to treasure for a lifetime! Congratulations!!!!

Amy Lehman: What gorgeous photos!! I loved seeing the look on your faces when you 1st saw each other. Fall is my fave season as well so I especially love the outdoor photos. Love how your veil is captured by the wind :)

Andy Grigger: These Pictures turn out great!!

Joan: Gorgeous pictures! Cant wait to see more!

Liz Alexander: What great pictures! I loved seeing the happy couple! What a beautiful bride!

Brent: Some really excellent pictures and wonderful ideas (was glad to not have to worry about that kind of stuff on our own). Enjoyed meeting and talking to both Nelli and Tiffany -- in doing so, I found out about your future Photo workshop which Im very interested to learn more about. Thanks for being so easy to work with, we appreciate it!

Julie: What fabulous pictures! Laura, you looked beautiful! I cant wait to see more of them, especially one of the Mother of the Bride!