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Jessica and Dan - Married


The beginning of fall is a great time of year.  The air begins to loose some of the heat, and we start to see the first of the leaves changing.  And certainly the weather can make for an enjoyable wedding.  Although it feels like it was ages ago, this summer had some of the hottest and extremely humid days I can remember shooting in.  So when Jessica and Dan had their big day, we were able to savor the crisp air.  When Dan and Jessica met me for engagement pictures a while back, it rained us out (although we hid in some neat places in Oberlin).  I remember Jessica having a great attitude, telling me that she was assuming it will rain on her wedding day and that she was not going to let that bother her.  Well, she did not need to face that problem, but seeing her and Dan committing their lives to each other with so much joy I know the weather would not have mattered either way.

These next few are terrific.  Jim, our talented second shooter, caught a great angle on the next two pics.

I am a sucker for sun flare, so it might be obvious that I like the one to the bottom left.  The phone booth is just a delight as well.

For a surprise, Dan and Jessica busted out some some ballroom style dancing.  As you can see, it went quite well.

One of my favorite night shots.  As you could imagine, it took a bit of practice.  Jim deserves a bit of credit for drawing such a great heart.




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Belinda Mason: the pictures are so beautiful they did capture a lot of good moments

Bobby M: I love the pictures....i think they did a fantastic job...

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Margie (Dan's Mom): Pictures are absolutely wonderful :)

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