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Denee + Kevin Engaged!


Our session with Denee and Kevin was particularly special because we were treated to a beautiful fall evening on the lake.  The other really sweet thing was that we were able to take these photos at a place that was special to Kevin and Denee.  Denee used to live nearby and they would go for long walks and have picnics along the lakefront.  This is also where Kevin first proposed to Denee.

This shot of Denee's ring was taken right at the spot where the ring was first given to Denee.

This was the usual route for their walks in the early times of their relationship. 

I loved this next shot.  It seemed like the longer the evening progressed the more beautiful the sky became.

A beautiful night like this is a photography dream, but even more important was the love and joy that radiated from this couple throughout the evening.  It's a beautiful thing to witness to people who are so perfect together.  I'm looking forward to this fall 2011 wedding.



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Roberta: Wow..some of the skylines are surreal. The pictures of you two are amazing and the happiness between you two is captured with every photo. Look foward to the big celebration!

Athena: What a spectacular session you had! I love the pics taken on the road. Very creative and fun poses. The sunset pics are beautiful as well. -Denee, you look beautiful and I'm so happy for you two!

Julie Grant: Denee & Kevin, wow!!! You two look like models! Your photos are beautiful :)

Brittany Perkowski: Denee,
You're pictures are gorgeous! Love them! I'm so happy for you two!

Denée: Jesse - We love the pics! And are relieved to see what we thought would be a cold/gloomy day, turned into such a beautiful night! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

Mindy: I LOVE all of the pictures! The setting was gorgeous. Very excited they all turned out so nice! :-)

Teri: We love the pictures. The silhouette picture is great. I know the park well and you did a fantastic job. The street shots are cool too. Great way to capture the moment. : )

Carissa: You both look amazing!! Denee, you really shine pic #5 - I've never seen you look more gorgeous! Kevin looks great and so in love!

Rosemarie: The photos are gorgeous! The park, the skyline and view of downtown are awesome. I love the photo in the middle of the street where you are jumping into Kevin's arms! I'm so happy for you two.

Karlye: Denee and Kevin- these pictures show what a beautiful and happy couple you are! What great photos to remember your proposal and your engagement. Denee, if you ever want another career, modeling is calling your name! You both are gorgeous!

Krista: Denee -- These are stunning!!! You are beautiful and you both look so happy! What a fantastic way to capture your story :)

Karen: Great pictures!!!!

Sarah: What gorgeous photos! Denee, you look absolutely beautiful!

Becky: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pics. You both look amazing! Love you guys :)

Courtney: Oh my goodness!!! I love you two, and these pictures totally capture you both so well! Denee - you look AMAHHHHH-ZING, and Kev doesn't look too bad either. I'm so happy for you both!!!! All my love!

Stacy: Denee, Court forwarded me your link - these are beautiful!! You look absolutely gorgeous!! I'm SO happy for you guys! :)

Lori: You guys look AMAZING!!! The setting was soooo beautiful and glad you had perfect weather!! Congrats you two!

Andreana: Denee & Kevin,

Beautiful pictures with an amazing background. You both look gorgeous.

Steph: Denee and Kevin,

The pictures are amazing!

Jennifer: Wow - Love all the pictures! They turned out so nice - What a great memory! You can just see the happiness - a perfect match! Love you guys!

Karli: The pictures are beautiful!! What a great day you had!

Stephanie: These pictures are so beautiful! What fun you will have looking back at these throughout the years!

Brad: Nice pictures. When I first saw the landscape pictures at the top, I didn't even realize it was you guys (I thought it was a couple being used for the wallpaper of the website). Very picturesque. You guys picked some great locations.

Deena: These are absolutely gorgeous! Denee- You look BEAUTIFUL and you are both such a good-looking couple! You'll treasure these special memories forever. :)

Bri: The pics are amazing! You look beautiful, the both of you!

Dayna Fusco: Denee and Kevin the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I especially LOVE the one that is taken of the two of you at sunset :)
Love you both!

Renee: The photos are so, so pretty!!!! How will you ever decide which ones to purchase?????Congrats to both of you...have fun in the planning for your wedding....a special time in your lives!!!!
Renee (Courtney's Mom!)