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Pete + Mary Married!


Nelli and I had the pleasure of being a part of Pete and Mary's friday wedding and it was inspiring.  From the excitement of seeing each other for the first time, to the cool fall outdoor ceremony, to Mary's father's speech at the reception...it was all refreshing.  I feel like I left their wedding better than I came.  Mary and Pete's relationship is inspiring and the group of people they are surrounded by combined for a beautiful occasion.

Mary's father gave a heartfelt speech at the reception and dedicated a song to Mary.  He talked about being in love and staying in love.  When you watched the generations of these families dancing together at the reception, you could tell that they had discovered something special about staying in love.  It seemed that the same joy that Mary and Pete were experiencing in their first dance, their parents and grandparents were experiencing in what could have been there thousandth dance.  That is a wonderful thing to behold.

Congrats Pete and Mary on a great wedding day and an excellent start on your lives together.  I'm glad I could be a part of capturing and preserving these special memories.


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Previous Comments

Natsumi: Eileen - You ctruaped every moment of a magical day. As the mother of the bride I appreciate your artistic vision. It was a pleasure to work with you.Eileen

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Mary: What AMAZING pictures and your words made me all teary-eyed! It was great working with you and we cant wait to see the rest!

Jamie: AMAZING! I loved every one of them!

Rachel Alldredge: Gorgeous pictures!!

Melissa Wendt: Is everyone they photograph just gorgeous or do they just take awesome pictures?!?!? Of course, Mary and Pete are the most gorgeous couple out there but some of the pictures are so good that they look fake! Can't wait to see all the pics!!!!

Emily Heckman: What beautiful pictures! It's such a gift to have your wedding day documented with photos you'll cherish forever!

Amy Spreng: Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple! Wishing you many years of wedded bliss! Congratulations!

jayme toth: oh my goodness Mary! those are the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. They are like magazine perfect! You guys look so perfect. Congrats!!!!

Kelly: Mary, These are beautiful!!! Your photographer did an excellent job at capturing the moments. You look so happy!! Congrats!

Cindy Young: Congratulations! Your pictures truly reflect your happiness!

Tami Sprang: If you weren't in a wedding dress and Pete wasn't in a tux, I would think the pictures were the cover of a country western CD. You two are beautiful together!

Alexis: These are amazing! It was a great day!

Allison Barnhart: Breathtaking photos, you guys looked great! Loved the feel of these, you guys could be in a wedding magazine! (a hip one, that is) :)

Mary Ann Post: Mary,
You were a beautiful bride!!! So happy that you had such a wonderful start to your married life and now you have exceptional pictures to help you remember it.
Mary Ann

Sandy Brown: Mary and Pete...
What WONDERFUL pictures. You two look deliciously happy.

Elane Mikus: Pete and Mary look genuine..........I love it.
Very ingenious and captivating scenes for the pics.
What is the location? I think my neice was married there.

Elaine Huang: Congrats to both Marry and Pete. Although I was unable to attend their wedding due to work in NYC. These photos made me feel like I've been part of it. Absolutely wonderful and you captured precious moment that now can be forever kept :)

Joy: Terrific pictures, you look soooo beautiful in that gorgeous dress! My favorite is the close up of you and Pete where you're laughing and holding the umbrella.

aubrey: What beautiful pictures! I love the description of the day...it was inspiring and special. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!

Erika Rolland: Love, Love, Love the photos!! What a pretty wedding. Mary that dress is BEAUTIFUL on you! The outdoor pictures were SO pretty. You sister said your wedding pics were here and I just had to take a peek.

Angela: These are absolutely beautiful! Congrats again and many blessings on your life together!

Brittany: These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations Mary & Pete! Im so happy for the 2 of you & love you both!!


Jackie Koontz: Congratulations Mary! Looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding! I am so happy for you! Thanks for allowing me to have a small part in your special day!

Shannon: These pictures are absolutely AMAZING! Mary and Pete are lucky to have such wonderful memories of their wedding day and beautiful pictures to go with them! Congrats Mary and Pete!

Sherri Stumpf: These photos are awesome! I especially love the ones where the streamers are flying as Mary and Pete walk down the isle as the New Mr. & Mrs. Cooper. This shows the movement and excited emotions. Another favorite is the bk & wht. where Mary and Pete are dancing - they are in focus, but the crowd is blurred. It shows how focused they are on each other. I also absolutely love, love love the group shot from above where friends and family circle the bride and groom!!! A+

erin: oh my gosh they are absolutely perfect! i dont think anyone could have done better!! I love, love, love them! you guys did an awesome job. it was fun meeting you at the wedding! take care!

Ashley Squire: Each picture was so well done! That is true talent to be able to capture the beautiful moments of an amazing day. Im glad I was able to be there!

Sarah: Congratulations to the beautiful couple. The pics are amazing. They truly captured the day and its special feel. GOD Bless them and their marriage:)

Laura Humphries: Two lovely people make lovely pictures. I enjoyed looking at the pics. Nice fresh ideas and beautiful memories for the happy couple to look back on for years to come. I wish you years of happiness. May God bless you both.
Blessings, Laura Humphries

Mike Fligiel: Mary and Pete, Beautiful pictures! You both look so much in love--it makes me happy to see:)

Tia: The photos are breathtaking. Just like your love for one another, the tender and merry moments are captured forever.

Love, Tia

Brianna Haymond: Marys wedding day was the first day I met her, and I thought she was absolutely beautiful. Not just because of her gorgeous face or her stunning dress, but because she looked so happy and in love with her new husband. I think they make a very sweet couple, and I wish them both the best in their life together.

Jessi Housel: I love the pictures taken at night. It really captures how connected you two are. Congrats!