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Jessica + Ed


Kristin (my wife and second photographer who shot a lot of these pics and the one who edited most of them) and Jessica have been friends for years.  When Ed proposed a while back, Jessica soon after contacted Kristin and let her know she wanted us to do the wedding.  We have been looking forward to this for a while and the day turned out great.  The weather did not exactly cooperate, but for a rainy cold day we had the best possible time.  As you might notice in the shots below, Jessica is a bit of a nut (in the best way of course).  To say she is the "life of the party" would be a bit of an understatement. Ed, being moderately reserved, is the perfect balance, but as you can see in the last pic, he is certainly not always reserved!

Although not everyone is the right for a parking garage, I thought these pics worked out perfect, and we avoided the rain.

The rain died down for a bit and we got some great shots outside.

If you could see what the original scene looked like, you would, like me, think Kristin did an amazing job editing this shot. 



Previous Comments

Peggy Stachurski: Your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations again. May you have a wonderful and happy life together.

Rachel: Absolutely Gorgeous! Congrats Jess and Eddie!

Audrey Herring: Jess you are so beautiful!!! The garage pics are so awesome!! I'm glad you had a great day!! love ya!

Sarah Krygowski: Beautiful pictures! CONGRATS!!! :)

sheena: Love the pics Jess, they are amazing! congrats again

Thelma: These are amazing photos. Photographers did a great job.

Beth Gordon: I LOVE these pics, Jess- You look gorgeous!

Sherry Peery: Jess these photographers are the very best, your pictures are all beautiful, but hey you and Eddie made it very easlaroffly thaty for them I'm sure. If ever we wanted professional portraits taken we would go to them in a New York minute...love you guys, Aunt Sherry and Uncle Wally

Pamela Tillett: Beautiful pics Jess

Megan Culver: Amazing Pictures!

Amy Boone: Beautiful!

Mel: Gorgeous! Congrats Jess and Ed!

Colleen Novosel: Beautiful pictures...and I must say a very handsome couple! very creative shots!

Nicole: So beautiful...

Aunt Gretchen: U guys look awesome jess and eddie.. Love all th pictures..Love u

Caroline Nagy: You guys look beautiful!!

Erin Holzhauer: Awesome pics....wouldn't expect anything less from Matt and Kristin :)

janet fraley: you guys look great

Linda Hrnchar: Awesome pictures! I would expect no less! Great photographers! Jessica you look beautiful! Congratulations!

Laura : Love the Pics Jess!!!! You look beautiful!! The shots are wonderful!

Aunt Carrie: Love the pics Jess!

linda welsh: great pictures!

Jon Brown: Jess these photos really are fantastic. You'll be so happy that you have them in 20 years when you look back at your special day. Congrats Jess!

Carrie: These pictures are FANTASTIC!!!! :)

Amanda: These pictures are so wonderful. I have known jess for years, she taught me to play volleyball when I was entering HS. I know she will look back on these pictures and love them because they fit her personality so well. Good luck in life! =)

Amanda S.

Kelly B: Love the pics....very cool! Cant wait to see the rest!

Justina: LOVE the pics Jess...... Can't wait to see the rest!!! Mat and Kristin you did an AMAZING job!!!!

Amanda: Fantastic pitcures Jess!!

amanda: jessica.. beautiful pictures!! congratulations!

Nicole Adamson: Congratulations Jess! You had a beautiful wedding!

Gene: Awesome pics cuz...congrats!!!

pk: Look at that man dance!

Lynda Snyder: Beautiful pictures Jessica. Congratulations to you both and may you always be as happy as you are in these wonderful photos!

Janel : Amazing photos!!! LOVE them!!